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Opening Arguments

Stairway to nowhere

OK it's official now. Bill Clinton has a failed ex-presidency:

NEW YORK (AP) -- It's a diplomatic failure at the highest level: Bill Clinton couldn't get Led Zeppelin to reunite.

The CBS "60 Minutes Overtime" webcast reported Monday that the former president was enlisted to ask the British rock gods to get back together last year for the Superstorm Sandy benefit concert in New York City. He asked, they said no.

I suppose I should back off a little, though, since it really wouldn't have been a real reunion, because, you know the drummer is dead and all and there are only three surviving members. The dynamics have changed, and we'd be only pretending to experience the original thrill. It would almost as bad as dragging poor Ringo up on stage with Paul McCartney and calling it a Beatles reunion. It would be almost as bad as a TV show with Opie and Thelma Lou (yes, that acrtess is still alive) called "The Andy Griffith Show" reunion.

Gotta hand it to the Rolling Stones, who don't have to have a reunion because they've been out there year after year, just keeping at it. Rock on, dudes.