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Current events

Gimme a break

Any victory for freedom, however small, is worth celebrating:


The California Supreme Court ruled Thursday that employers are under no obligation to ensure that workers take legally mandated lunch breaks in a case that affects thousands of businesses and millions of workers.

Tax and spin

Speaking of debates . . .

Interesting interview at reason.com with Sen. Jim DeMint. Couple of snippets;

reason: After the 2010 election you claimed that “you can’t be a fiscal conservative unless you’re also a social conservative.” Have you changed your thinking on that?

Junk patrol

Attention, citizens of South Greensburg, Pa. The Garage Sale Police will be in your neighborhoods on Wednesday. Please have all your family members lined up in front of your house with their sale permits ready for inspection. Violations will not be tolerated:

Black hole

A perfect example of the law of unintended consequences:

BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) -- U.S. coal exports reached their highest level in two decades last year as strong demand from Asia and Europe offered an outlet for a fuel that is falling from favor at home.

[. . .]

The outsiders

Something to think about as we wait for the single Lugar-Mourdock debate tonight (7-8 p.m., check your listings but I do know it will be on WANE):

The Tea Party has lost a number of its top election targets this year, leaving Sen. Dick Lugar (R-Ind.) to emerge as public enemy No. 1 for national conservative groups — and poll numbers suggest they could get their man.

Adios, vecinos

The good news is that illegal immigration from Mexico is now effectively zero. The bad news is why:

See ya, Rick

Too bad:

Rick Santorum announced Tuesday that he will suspend his presidential campaign but vowed “we are not done fighting.”

Hire the handicapped

Still solvent