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Current events

Junk food science

Juxtaposition of the day. First, news of the implementation of new federal guidelines for school lunches, which are to include more veggies and less fat and, well, you know the drill:

Moral matters

If Republicans weren't supposed to care about Bill Clinton's philandering, is it fair to ask Democrats to ignore Newt Gingrich's serial monogamy?

Saxon violins

Big bucks for an extensive study to State the Obvious:

From football thugs on the front line, most conflict can be blamed on the male sex drive, a study suggests.

They just can't help themselves

What is it about New Jersey and Oregon that makes their drivers lazy wimps?

New Jersey residents aren't primed about pumping their own gasoline.

A new poll shows nearly two-thirds support the state rule requiring that only station attendants can pump gas in the Garden State.

Out of my way, Honey!

Not much about the Costa Concordia story is inspiring, is it? You remember the Titanic, women and children first and all that. If you think that fairy tale stuff is true, you probably still believe the captain should go down with his ship: