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Food and Drink

Coffee carry-in

Guess where the safest place to be in America is today:

Pro-gun advocates across the nation are planning to gather in Starbucks’ stores today to show their appreciation for the company’s decision to allow weapons inside its locations in states where it’s legal.

Hyper-caffeinated and packing heat. Awesome.

Cheezburger good

Ha. So, what is "the greatest food in human history"?

Hint: It has 390 calories. It contains 23g, or half a daily serving, of protein, plus 7% of daily fiber, 20% of daily calcium and so on.

Also, you can get it in 14,000 locations in the US and it usually costs $1. Presenting one of the unsung wonders of modern life, the McDonald’s McDouble cheeseburger.

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Waitress, there's a pastie in my soup

News you can use when making your summer travel plans:

LEWISVILLE (CBS 11 NEWS) - Lewisville decided to change its nudity laws after a restaurant’s servers wore only pasties and body paint to cover their upper torso. Police say the colorful ‘garb’ was not a violation of the law. But the council decided servers wearing that little were too much.

Shrinking Twinkies

Is this the perfect symbol for the continuing lousy state of the economy, or what?

NEW YORK (AP) — Twinkies are back, but they may be a bit smaller than you remember.

The new owners of Hostess have leaner operating costs now that they're no longer using unionized workers. It turns out the spongy yellow cakes may also be a little smaller than the last Twinkies people ate.

Take your bizarre and shove it

Here's an odd little story:

WHITING | The city's annual three-day homage to the humble, delicious pierogi and all things ethnic including babushkas, has made the top 10 list of bizarre festivities compiled by global travel website TripAdvisor.

[. . .]

What's for lunch?

You stay rebellious, Hoosier kids:

After Elwood Community Schools started serving meals with more whole grains, mandatory fruit and vegetables, and weekly limits on meat and grains last year, some students chose to pack a lunch, or not to eat at all.School lunch participation fell 12 percent.

[. . .]

Schools have struggled with the new rules.

Pig out

Suppose this will increase their appetites? Because they already eat like, well, you know, pigs:

Part flavor experiment, part green recycling, part promotion and bolstered by the legalization of recreational marijuana in Washington state, pot excess has been fed to the hogs by their owners, pig farmer Jeremy Gross and Seattle butcher William von Schneidau, since earlier this year.

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Ah, life is good again:

NEW YORK (AP) -- Hostess is betting on a sweet comeback for Twinkies when they return to shelves next month.

What heels

And the price is right, too

Never would have guessed it:

You know the saying “There’s a Starbucks on every corner”? Turns out there might be more free books on city blocks than those pricy coffees.

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