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Hoosier lore

A sporting chance

Am I right in thinking there is something fundamentally unfair about this, or am I just being envious of people who are getting to have their cake and eat it, too:

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Some home-schooled students will be able to play on sports teams at public schools under new rules adopted by the Indiana High School Athletic Association.

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Pocket change

Here, from an editorial in the Bloomington Herald-Times, is the essence of the liberal argument against the just-passed 5 percent cut in the Indiana income tax. I've heard and read variations of it from all over the state:

For those who like averages, the "average" Hoosier would realize $114 in annual tax savings, or $2.19 a week.


This ain't exactly gonna make the tourist dollars flow:

EVANSVILLE, Indiana — Residents in Indiana's third-largest city are taking issue with new a Gallup poll that ranks Evansville as one of the nation's "most miserable cities."

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At it again

David Bisard, the Indy cop whose DUI-causing-death trial has been moved to Allen County, has now been charged in another drunken driving incident. I think this observation by Star columnist Erika Smith is about right:

The 5 percent solution

I'll take what I can get:


Indiana Gov. Mike Pence and legislative leaders reached a budget deal Thursday that will cut the state's personal income tax rate by 5 percent over the next four years while giving small increases to school funding.

The tax-cut plan would reduce the state's current 3.4 percent tax rate to 3.3 percent in 2015 and then reduce that to 3.23 percent in 2017.

Let the chips fall where they may

I'd say this is good news:

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) - Some top Indiana lawmakers seem prepared to accept anticipated big drops in business at the state's casinos and to not provide much help as the gambling venues face growing competition from neighboring states.

The not-so-permanent record

Anybody think this is a good idea?

— After waiting at least five years after their convictions, Hoosiers who commit minor crimes could have those convictions expunged, or removed, from their court records under a bill headed toGov. Mike Pence’s desk.

Get ready to dig deeper

Republican state senators have blocked a vote on a House-approved measure that would force amazon.com and some other online retailers to start collecting Indiana's 7 percent sales tax this summer. That's six months sooner than the date under a deal Gov. Mitch Daniels reached with the company last year.

A little sip'll do ya

While Purdue wastes its time studying silly stuff like why some stutterers grow out of it and some don't, Indiana University picks up the slack with this truly groundbreaking research:

Just tasting cold, refreshing beer -- with no influence from alcohol -- make increase your desire to get drunk.

Sticking to our guns

I love it when the falling-off-the-left-edge-of-the-world Journal Gazette editorial page instructs someone on how to be a proper conservative:

Hoosiers probably aren’t surprised that Sen. Dan Coats now opposes the same type of assault weapons ban he supported two decades ago. But his attempt to block the Senate from voting for or against the ban is anything but conservative.