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Hoosier lore

An amusing bemusement

Hey, get a load of this:

Some at Indiana bemused

with Michigan grad speaker


Some graduating Indiana University students are scratching their heads that the University of Michigan's president will be their commencement ceremony speaker this weekend.

Spaced out

This isn't quite up there with Obamacare in the "taking a bad situation and making it far worse" category, but it's certainly worth a "what the hell were they thinking?" shout out:

Traffic stopper

Is this the kind of story that makes you go, "Awwww"?

An awesome Indiana police officer is making sure that no one gets left behind -- not even stuffed members of the family.

Not in the Brady bunch

Well, good for us:

States took unprecedented action this year to tighten gun laws after last year’s mass shooting at a Connecticut school, two gun control groups said Monday.

Indiana, however, was among the states that moved in the opposite direction, according to a report released by the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence.

Shhh, they're listening

The polls, they are a changin'

We frequently hear lawmakers talking about the risk of getting too far ahead of their constituents. Is there an equal danger of lagging too far behind their constituents?

Legislators may balk at the idea of easing the penalties for marijuana, but a new poll shows a majority of Hoosiers support legalizing the drug and taxing it like alcohol and tobacco.

Crowded field

This is good news for voters:

It was hardly a secret, and now it's official: Allen County Sheriff Ken Fries wants to succeed Tom Wyss in the Indiana Senate.

Reality bites

A tale of two states

Today's Journal Gazette editorial tut-tut's "the president's foes" in states like Indiana who have tried to undercut Obamacare at every turn, and states like Kentuck, where wise and wonderful leaders have warmly embraced the Affordable Care Act. While acknowledging that the plan's debut has been rocky for all (and reluctantly adminitting that :much of the panic and confusion can be laid at the Obama administration's doorstep), the paper says things are much elss rocky in Kentucky that in Indiana:

Take back the power

Syndicated columnist Cal Thoms on state Sen. David Long's idea of state-driven efforts to tame a reluctant federal government: