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Scary stuff

A healthy disagreement

I've been complaing for years about the control over us exercised by "nine unelected people who serve for life," even when there has been a conservative majority on the Supreme Court. (See here, for example.) It's nice to now have some high-profile company:

The beat goes on

"Great comfort in small blessings" department:

I yield to nobody in my conviction that Barack Obama's presidency has been a disaster for the Republic. Last week, in this space, I even suggested that some of his offenses rose to the level of impeachable "high crimes and misdemeanors."

Bad call

Hmmmm. Mitch Daniels on how much he values a booming economy:

Gimme one more chance!

Lucky us

Not exactly a stunning revelation:

CHICAGO (CBS) — A former Chicago alderman turned political science professor/corruption fighter has found that Chicago is the most corrupt city in the country.

Forward, march

Concealed carry

Just because you have the right to possess in one state, that doesn't mean you have the right to carry in another. No, not guns:

 A Michigan man learned the hard way that a medical marijuana card doesn't apply to individual bags and a cereal box of pot in Indiana.

He likes us!

By God, the money is just rolling in, isn't it? Indiana gets $4 million in federal stimulus funds to help clean up leaking underground gasoline storage tanks! Indiana is getting more than $9.5 million in stimulus money to help revitalize communities and create jobs!

Obama Watch

Other sites will give you all the political trivia, such as the inaugeration and the war on terror and how many billions the president will want to spend on any given day. But you should check here periodically for the really important Obama Watch stuff. On the negative side today, the president intends to commit an atrocity, and if he truly wants to connect with ordinary Americans, he should reconsider: