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Politics and other nightmares


The state's overreaction to the phony RFRA outrage has officially hit rock bottom:

Indiana's economic development and tourism agencies announced Monday they have hired global PR firm Porter Novelli to help rebuild the state's image in the wake of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act debacle.

Economist who's wrong about everything tries again

A change in the weather

Yeah, yeah, sure, I know "weather" is not the same thing as "climate," but you gotta admit this is funny:

The “Gore effect” has struck again, this time forcing thousands of Canadian eco-activists to march through the snow over the weekend, rallying against global warming on a cold Quebec City day.

Hillary's in? You're kidding!

Opps. Hillary Clinton's cmpaign announcement was missing something:

The campaign's official announcement to reporters, perhaps finished in haste, included an embarrassing mistake in the omission of a key word.

City vs. country

It's not a "red state vs. blue state" fight going on out there. It's city vs. country:

Anti-gun nuts

The fight for the Second Amendment will never ber over, will it? Here's Hillary Clinton, former first lady, former U.S. senator, former Secretary of State and, I hope and pray, former tw0-time failure as a presidential candidate:

Smart diplomacy

Cartoon says it all:

It's still the economy, stupid

Because of the Obama administration's epic fail in the Mideast and elsewhere on the world stage, the emerging consensus has been that 2016 will be a foreign policy election, which might seem to favor Marco Rubio in the GOP field, who has the best credentials in that area. But not so fast, says Byron York:

My little runaway

Our editorial last night was on the possibility of an Article V constitutional convention, which I've been enthusiastic about for a long time. I've also had a lot of opportunties to write about it since Indiana Senate President Pro Tem David Long has been in the vanguaurd of the movement. Anytime the subject comes off, we always have to address the fear of a runaway convention:

It's takeback time

Here we go again:

Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul told a raucous crowd in Louisville, Kentucky on Tuesday that he will build his presdiential campaign on 'a message that is loud and clear, and does not mince words: We have come to take our country back.'