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Politics and other nightmares

Real Americans

Bobby Jindal, American

Flag day

Gettting rid of the Confederate flag has suddenly become the latest national obsession, at least among the commentariat and the political class.  I haven't read so much drivel since thumping Indiana over the RFRA was the national obsession. I'm tempted to say that flags don't kill people, but that would probably be regarded as crude and insensitive, so let's forget I brought it up.

Hot stuff

We're all doomed, doomed, I tell you!

Don't want to see your neighbors die in a heat wave?

Then you should care about climate change.



It's bad enough that our astronauts have to hitch a ride with the Russians to get to the space station. But this is downright scary:

Faced with a shortage of U.S. Navy ships, the Marine Corps is exploring a plan to deploy its forces aboard foreign vessels to ensure they can respond quickly to global crises around Europe and western Africa.

Dirty word

Follow the money

So, they're not going to put a woman on the $20 bill after all but on the $10 bill. This has resulted in the usual silly stuff, like, so, another example of economic inequity -- downgraded to the $10! There is even a minor controversy about getting rid of Hamilton instead of Jackson:

Gay in South Bend

As noted in an earlier post, this country has likely already had a gay president, or at least a bisexual one, in James Buchanan. Of course, that's back when sexuality wasn't even talked about, let alone celebrated. If anyone had known about Buchan's sexual nature, he wouldn't have gotten near the White House.

This is choice?

Startling news from the school choice front:

A Department of Education report indicates the cost of Indiana's private school voucher program jumped from $16 million to $40 million during the past school year.

The Indianapolis Star reports about 29,100 students received vouchers during the recently completed academic year, up from about 19,800 the year before.

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