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Politics and other nightmares

Liberating the earth

The peope is from Latin America, birthplace of Marxist liberation theology, and at times he's sounded like he's trying to sneak up on that theology. Now, he seems to be jumping in with both feet:


Well, now we should feel special, guys. Michelle Obama thinks we are "useful."

During a conversation with students in the United Kingdom, First Lady Michelle Obama told them that men were “useful” for promoting the idea of more education for girls.

“We’ve got to send different messages about the importance of educating our girls.”


Two views of the Magna Carta, the 800th anniversary of which was yesterday. One, hey, let's stop revering the stupid thing. For one thig, it didn't actually work. For another, it wasn't actually "the first of its kind," but one of many documents from that era codifying limitations on government power. Finally, it wasn't exactly a ringing endorsement of liberty, considering it protected only men of the noblity and wasn't exactly kind to Jews.

Jeb and Hillary

Jeez. I was sorta hoping "compassionate conservatism" was dead:

As part of announcing his 2016 presidential candidacy, Jeb Bush released a video entitled "Making a Difference." The video spotlights how Bush's work as governor of Florida from 1999 to 2007 affected four people: a low-income student, a low-skilled worker, a mother whose child is disabled and a woman who was the victim of domestic violence.

Mug shot

I was surprised (but realize I shouldn't have been) to hear on TV this morning that the manhunt for those two escaped killers is costing $1 million a day. There's a reason for that:

Let's hit on Rubio

The New York Times must think Marco Rubio is the greatest threat to Hillary Clinton, because they've come out with a series of hit pieces on him so cartoonish that even other members of the liberal mainstream media are making fun of the paper. (Here's Jon Stewart, just asolutely savaging the Times,) He has a "luxury yacht" that turns out to be a fishing boat.

Welcome to hard times

It was outrageous when nancy Pelosi did it, no less so when Paul Ryan did:

Chief Obamatrade proponent House Ways and Means Committee chairman

First things first

Strange times for the First Amendment. In one story, we have the Supreme Court pretty narrowly defining what is a threat and being generous with free speech:

In a closely-watched case about free speech online, the Supreme Court on Monday overturned the conviction of a man whose online rants landed him in prison.

Haters gotta hate

So, there are three kinds of political hate. There is, based on the kind of anger that has you yelling at the TV screen. And there is :cool hate," based on contempt, whose adherents express disgust for another person through sarcasm, dismissal or mockery. Finally, there is anonymous hate:

My, how we do carry on

Yeah, this is a gun I have here. You gotta a problem with that? Say hello to my liitle friend, which I call the Second Amendment: