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Bully pulpit

Poynter explores a case of journalistic malpractice:

All suicides are tragic and complicated. And teen suicides are particularly devastating because as adults we recognize all that lost potential.

From the hip

So, maybe Grandma was right after all -- we really can feel the weather in our bones:

Scientists don't understand all the mechanisms involved in weather-related pain, but one leading theory holds that the falling barometric pressure that frequently precedes a storm alters the pressure inside joints. Those connections between bones, held together with tendons and ligaments, are surrounded and cushioned by sacs of fluid and trapped gasses.

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Well, it's been fun

I'll bet some of you haven't even packedyet:

The musician-turned-activist reckons the world will end in 2030 - leading to the extinction of humankind.

Sir Bob, 61, based his miserable prediction on the effects of climate change.

“The world can decide in a fit of madness to kill itself," he told a group of youngsters at a summit in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Born that way

Not quite dead yet

It's cosmic, man

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Bitter days ahead

Oh, dear:

This winter threatens to be “bitterly cold,” with below-average temperatures in two-thirds of the country. That’s if you believe the folksy — but often, they claim, accurate — Farmers’ Almanac.

Can't quite warm to this

Now, why in the world did I read an interview with Al Gore by Ezra Klein about global warming and not see this coming?

Another lost cause

Here we go again. When I post about drivel, it's usually from a political source (or from my own musings, yeah, yeah, I know). But here's some from Scientific American:

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