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Tight race

In politics, it matters when you peak. Richard Mourdock appears to be doing just fine in that regard:

According to two recent polls, Lugar leads Mourdock by only 6 points, 45 percent to 39 percent, among Indiana primary voters, despite the fact that the incumbent senator has a big financial advantage and universal name ID among Hoosiers.

Room for debate

"Can't see the forest for the trees" political analysis -- here's Franklin College's journalism directorJohn Krull  on the Lugar-Mourdock race:


Step away!

Live and learn

I got an email this morning taking me to task for a word I used in yesterday's editorial about the Lugar residency controversy. I wrote that the U.S. Constitution says a senator must be a "resident" of the state one is elected to represent. But the word actually used in the Constitution is "inhabitant." Fair enough -- that was just careless of me. I write about the Constitution a lot, and I should get the words right.

Bait and switch

This one's for the "With friends like this, you don't need enemies" file, perhaps with the subcategory, "If you allow yourself to be lectured on conservatism by The Journal Gazette editorial page, you deserve what happens." Tea party activists are seeking to challenge Sen. Richard Lugar in the primary next year on the grounds that he is not sufficiently conservative. Now the senator is being defended vigrously by The Journal Gazette. Case closed!

A really big number

The Senate is going to try its hand on the $700 billion bailout, so, naturally, the public doesn't have the details yet. We couldn't have that -- then, we might be informed when we e-mail or phone in our outrage of the day: