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Politics and other nighmares

Josh and James

In a case of the pygmies feeling free to pass judgment on the giants, we have White House spokesman Josh Earnest weighing in on White House efforts to replace states' "patchwork of Ebola quarantine laws" with a one-size-fits-all national policy:

Class act

Remember when city officials here were enamored of Richard Florida and his "creative class" spiels? Hey, all we have to do is become more hip so we attract all the cool people, and they will transform our city into a dynamic center of growth? Well . . . oops:

Politics explained

The simple-minded headline of the day comes from the Columbia State newspaper:

Turnout will decide today’s congressional winners

Let's see, how does that work? Oh, got it. The candidate who has the most voters turning out to vote for him wins. Brilliant!

The right focus

The Indianapolis Star's Matthew Tully on whether fire-breathing conservative Mike Pence can stay calm and focused and, I guess, pragmatic as governor:

Live and learn

I got an email this morning taking me to task for a word I used in yesterday's editorial about the Lugar residency controversy. I wrote that the U.S. Constitution says a senator must be a "resident" of the state one is elected to represent. But the word actually used in the Constitution is "inhabitant." Fair enough -- that was just careless of me. I write about the Constitution a lot, and I should get the words right.