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So long to the dream

Say it ain't so:

While Indiana may never shed its hard-earned and well-established reputation as a basketball state, those who have watched the evolution of the two sports over decades say football is at least closing the gap between the sports in popularity and prestige.

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China doll

One more reason to not be sad about missing the 2008 Olympics:


Polishing up Beijing for the Olympics has extended to the city government telling residents what not to wear, advising against too many colors, white socks with black shoes, and parading in pajamas.

It's coming, it's coming!

Who says there's never anything fun to do in Fort Wayne?

Right now you can buy your tickets to WWE World Wrestling Entertainment BEFORE the public. The free presale password for the WWE World Wrestling Entertainment show in Fort Wayne gives access to tickets for a short time.

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Peyton plays

Never mind the gubernatorial race, the condition of Indiana's economy, the worry over gas prices and the housing crisis and all that other silly stuff. This is what Hoosiers really care about:


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Out of the pool and into the court

Anybody left who still pretends the Olympics are about international good will and the purity of amateur competition?

Gold medalist Laura Wilkinson has sued to gain a synchronized diving spot that would remove Elwood's 15-year-old Mary Beth Dunnichy from the U.S. Olympic team.

[. . .]

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Thanks for helping, now go away

Ah, remember the "family farm," which politicians regularly praise the virtues of when they're taking billions from us to give to corporate agriculture? Add another to the list of myths and illusions we're paying to maintain: the one about the "family of four" that takes a day off to enjoy a leisurely day at the ballpark. From 1991 to 2006, the NFL's average ticket price jumped 147 percent. It was up 110 percent in the NBA and a whopping 151 percent for major league baseball.

Foul ball

Only in Indiana. People play basketball in the street. Neighbors complain. Police issue warnings. There is mass outrage, and police back off:

Now Town Council President Bill Guarnery admits the town might have overreacted and will curtail strict enforcement of ordinances.

"We will go back to enforcing ordinances when there is a complaint," Guarnery said.

Zee deal, she is made


Comcast Corporation and the Big Ten Network announced today that they have reached a long-term multimedia agreement for Comcast to carry Big Ten Network programming across television, broadband and video-on-demand in time for the 2008 college football season.

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Attention, sports fans

The News-Sentinel's Reggie Hayes, writing about the possible name change for the Fort Wayne Wizards baseball team, brings up only to dismiss rather flippantly a worthy suggestion:

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Baseball wizardry

A minor league sports team can become a local institution -- revered, beloved. The Komets are sort of like that. One way to tell a team has not reached that status:

The Fort Wayne Wizards will play their baseball games next season at a new downtown ballpark, and they'll likely have a new name, too.

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