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Childhood's end

At least Indiana University isn't the only school with a basketball-program recruiting controversy:

Michael Avery's recent announcement that he will play basketball at Kentucky created quite a stir.

Avery is considered a talented guard with good size at 6-4, but none of that contributed to the buzz.

On thin ice

It is to laugh -- I scoff at your silly hockey cup! It means nothing to me:

It seems Tiger Woods isn't much of a hockey fan.

Woods, the world's No. 1 golfer, told reporters Monday that he had no preference when it comes to who captures the Stanley Cup, the Detroit Red Wings or Pittsburgh Penguins.

"I don't really care," he said. "Let's talk about the Dodgers.

"I don't think anybody really watches hockey any more."

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The countdown begins

Omigod! Only 1,355 days until Super Bowl XLVI! For those a little rusty on the whole Roman numerals thing, the Indianapolis Star provides this helpful advice:

X = 10

L = 50

V = 5

I = 1

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Breaking news

Indianapolis is getting the 2012 Super Duper Bowl. Zillions and zillions of dollars! A world-class city! They like us, they really like us!

Hope the Colts are still there by then.

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Mike Redmond of the Indianapolis Business Journal captures perfectly the "civic rah-rah" needed to initiate and sustain a Super Duper Bowl bid:

The whole community, huh? Maybe they had a referendum. Was it on the back of the primary ballot? Or did they take a survey? If they did, they forgot to call me.

Oh, I know. They went door-to-door, didn't they? I must have been upstairs when they knocked.

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Nice try

Don't you wish you were important enough so that you had to trademark your very name to keep it from being exploited?

Larry Bird has filed a lawsuit alleging a couple who bought his former home in southern Indiana are improperly using his name to promote a bed-and-breakfast.

Fuzzy logic

Fuzzy Zeller Zoeller hits the ball, and it lands in the rough, and the commentators are bored . . . but, wait, the ball starts rolling again, and ... it's a hole in one! (It's the video; check it out if you've never actually seen one.) We go through life thinking all we have to do is master a  certain set of skills to succeed and get ahead.

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Happy days

Don't know about the trains, but the torch was sure on time:

PYONGYANG, North Korea - Assured of a trip free of anti-Chinese protests, the Olympic torch made its first-ever relay run Monday in authoritarian North Korea

It's Miller time

Oh, come on:

For more than 100 college presidents and athletic directors, beer and the NCAA men's basketball tournament don't mix.

The last last straw

Thank God. Now we can get over this and move on:

Indiana University has reached an agreement with Tom Crean to become its next men's basketball coach.

IU trustee Phil Eskew confirmed the hiring tonight. Eskew said the Marquette coach has signed a letter of agreement.

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