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The best. Ever

As someone who thoroughly enjoyed every game of that remarkable season, I'd have to say I agree:

ATLANTA — Everybody agrees, the 1975-76 undefeated Indiana Hoosiers were the greatest single-season team in the history of college basketball.

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Winning ugly is still winning

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Got some skin in this game?

Oh, come on. Seriously?

A group of House Democrats on Wednesday introduced a bill that would prevent the term "Redskins" from being trademarked, a move intended to put pressure on the Washington football club to change its name.

Set in stone

Here's an odd-lawsuit story for which I tried to summon up enough empathy to root for one side or the other, and failed:

A Catholic church has put the brakes on a headstone designed with the NASCAR logo.

Best buzzer-beater ever

This clip has really been making the rounds, so I wanted to give you the opportunity to see it here if you missed it elsewhere. Besides, how can I not post about something this cool?

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Shake that money tree

Juxtaposition of the day. First, from the world of sports:

Hoosier Hysteria is back -- and Indiana University is the big winner even before the first tip-off in a tournament game.


Big Ten showdown

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You go, girl, then go faster:


Danica Patrick has made history before — as a woman and a racer, in Indianapolis and Japan.

The spotlight is nothing new. But never has it been this bright before.

Where's the lede?

These mind-bending two paragraphs really stopped my when I was crusin' through the news online Saturday evening:

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (WDRB) – When is an 83-55 basketball victory against Purdue that pushes Indiana into first place in the Big Ten not the first paragraph in a story about this rivalry game?