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Family, man

An Indianapolis Star sports columnist is not joining the "Dungy's staying!" fab club:

I am uncomfortable because I simply can't talk myself out of writing the following words, words that will incur the near-universal wrath of a city that has come to revere Tony Dungy, not only as a coach but as a man:

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I meant to post on this yesterday, but it slipped my mind. What a great newspaper stunt:

January 13, 2008 -- IRVING, Texas, Jess win, baby!

Even a fake Jessica Simpson was good enough to throw off the Dallas Cowboys yesterday, as Big Blue took a Giant step toward the Super Bowl.

Big Ten tirade

I couldn't see it, so I DON"T CARE:

Indiana's quest for a Big Ten basketball title begins tonight at Iowa with this big difference: The No. 11 Hoosiers (11-1) will face an 18-game conference schedule instead of the 16 they've played for the last decade.

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But he was dedicated!

People have such a delicate way of putting things sometimes. The athletic director of Indiana State University, in announcing the firing of football coach Lou West, was a master of understatement:

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Evil opponents

It looks like Isiah Thomas can't help but bring embarrassment and controversy to whoever is stupid enough to hire him: 

Connect the dots

A friend more observant than I am noticed that all the NFL quarterbacks have green dots on the backs of their helmets this year and asked me why. Naturally, I just Googled it:

The green dot is the result of a new rule in effect for the 2007 NFL season. The green dot helmet indicates that the helmet is wired with a radio for calling in plays to the quarterback.

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Mad dogs

I don't understand this:

RICHMOND, Va. -- Michael Vick is now likely one misstep from jail.

Oklahoma tirade

Everyone is talking about the tirade by the Oklahoma coach who went off for several minutes on a female sports columnist for the local paper for "downgrading" one of his players. The video is all over the place. It seems awfully contrived and stagy to me, and it certainly kept everybody from talking about, you know, football. The coach's record ain't that good, and he may have a touch of Bobby Knight Syndrome.

But you decide. Here's his rant on YouTube:

Walking it off

Get 'em while they're young, and you'll have 'em for life:

This is the third in a three-part series analyzing why Northwest Indiana league bowling is still thriving while the rest of the country watches its numbers drop. This week focuses on the influx of high school bowlers in recent years.

It's always been the foundation of bowling, at least in the last 20 years or so.

Hit and focus

Bobby Knight could learn a thing or two from this coach about "focus, focus, focus."

A 7-year-old boy was injured about 6 p.m. Thursday when he rode a bicycle into the path of a car being driven by the Muskogee High School head football coach.

Chase Thornton sustained a broken collarbone, road rash on a leg and shoulder and a knot on his head, said Capt. Chad Farmer.