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Tailing the Komets

Weird day in Missouri

First Lonnie Loach signs to play again, and then Kevin Kaminski gets fired. No truth that Robin Bawa will be the next coach. (Only some of the oldtimers will get that lame joke). It's too bad because Kevin is as good a man as he is a player, and his family is top-notch. He'll land on his feet somewhere.

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Why hitting has declined

This story ran in June, 2004, but David was asking the other day if I'd write something about Euro hockey. I think this qualifies.

The lost art of hitting and checking
Physical style of the past is disappearing as hockey evolves into more of a finesse game

Date: Wednesday, June 16, 2004

About 15 years ago, Komets coach Al Sims put his players on a quota system for body checks. Each of the team's more physical players had to get at least four hits per game.

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Trivia question

Man, is this a good one. I didn't even know it.

What number did Steve Fletcher wear when he first played with the Komets in 1983?

Oh, and the answers to the previous trivia questions for a few weeks back are:

1. Jan. 6, 1962 was significant because the Komets lost three games in 24 hours. They lost the Saturday night game against the Indianapolis Chiefs and then the resumption of a Dec. 13, 1961 game that was suspended because of a brawl. They also lost the Sunday afternoon game to Toledo.

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Who's watching the game tonight?

Warning, warning, warning, pandering attack ahead, pandering attack ahead. Danger Will Robinson (anybody remember who Will Robinson was?)

I have to be stuck in the office tonight working on about a dozen stories so I'm not going to have time to watch the all-star game. I'd appreciate it if you are watching the B2 if you could maybe please, pretty please let me know here if Guy does something great, which I expect. He's been so hot lately. That would help me a ton.

Thank you sincerely, and yes, I have had too much caffeine today.

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Tough week of practice

Here's a question for you: I noticed Justin has his grades up, but what I'm wondering is who do you think is the most under-rated player on the team? I'll leave that up to your definition.

Perhaps believing his team needs more work on conditioning, Komets coach Greg Puhalski has put his squad through two very challenging practices this week with lots of extra skating and has said more are coming. It's probably the right time of year for it since they Komets have only one game this week and two next week.

Jason Kean also returned to practice today and skated.

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Some answers

David Franke said the Komets put Jason Kean on a non-roster list to free up space they thought they might need on injured reserve. Each team is limited to four players total on the injured reserve lists, a 7-day, 10-day, 14-day and 21-days. This is a 45-day non-roster spot which is new this season, and since Kean has already been out for 66 days, he can be activated at any time.

As for David Ambler of Adirondack, he has asked to be waived through the UHL so he can leave the league.

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Which team is it?

Which UHL team do you think is the Komets' arch-rival now, and why? I'd be real interested in your choices. What to you makes a rivalry? How important is a rivalry to you?

It used to be we never had to think about this question because it was Toledo for the longest time and then Indianapolis. Oldtimers will tell you that Toledo was the roughest, and they might be right according to what the FANS went through. I think the Indianapolis rivalry might have been more fun because the Komets dominated it. Both have their merits.

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Frenchy update

I just talked with David Franke and he said Frenchy went to the doctor today and just has a sprained ankle and that nothing is torn or broken. He's listed as day-to-day this weekend. The Komets already have their maximum allowed on injured reserve.

Frenchy was also just named UHL Goaltender of the Week.

The Komets are also hoping Colin Chaulk can try out his sprained wrist in practice this week. A determination on his status won't be made until later in the week.

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Pet peeve

  I noticed this topic on intotheboards and thought it was interesting. As many of you know, I hate diving, and I'm happy to see UHL officials calling it more. Halelujah! It's about time!

All they need to do is call it solidly for a month and  then let's all hope it disappears forever. 

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Early start

The Komets are now 1-5-2 on Sundays after a 3-1 loss to Rockford. They had chances to score at the one end but Rockford goaltender Ronnie Vogel was too touch. At the other end, Kevin Kurk played OK, but he's got to control his rebounds better especially against a team like Rockford that crashes the net.

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Frenchy is hurt again

Got to the rink early today to work on a few things and found out that Kevin has a bum ankle that he suffered when Lance Galbraith shoved a Quad City player into him late in Saturday's win over Quad City. The Komets have Joe Franke again as the emergency back-up goaltender to Kevin Kurk. More details to come.

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Has anybody noticed

The Komets have won 15 of their last 20 games. If they maintain that pace in the second half, they have a shot at reaching 50 wins and 100 points. That's amazing considering the 5-11-2 start.

Does that make you feel any better about the team? Has anybody changed their feelings about the Stewart and Virag trades?

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Got a question

First off, thanks to all the folks replying to the "Help me out here'' topic. Totally blew me away because I was expecting  a much younger audience. You know what they say about assuming...

What I was wondering was, how many of you read the paper? The reason I ask is that several folks have asked for updates on former Komets, and I try to give listings of where they are playing three or four times per year in the at a glance segment. Eventually we'll be moving that section over to the blog.

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Roster update

Just got off the phone with David Franke. John Jarram is out at least three weeks with a shoulder injury, but Brent Rumble will be activated. Colin Chaulk will not play tonight after banging up a wrist in Rockford, and neither will Ryan Jorde with a knee problem. Both are day-to-day and hope to play Saturday.

Kevin St. Pierre will be in net tonight and the Komets expect him to start all three games this weekend.

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Help me out here

I'm trying to learn more about my audience (or if there actually is an audience. LOL). Nothing too painful I hope. I was wondering three things:

How old are you?

How long have you been a Komets' fan?

How many games do you go to per season?

Do you have any topics for future blogs you'd like to see?


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Tonight's game

Did anybody else notice it seemed to be the veteran players who were making the critical mistakes at the wrong times? On Rockford's last goal, the Komets had Dupuis, Guinn, Miller, Drouin and Chaulk on the ice. They can't do much better than that lineup. Galbraith was on the ice for five goals, three for and two against, Neumeier and Miller on for three against.

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Another thing

  Did the  story on Joe tonight come across OK? Sometimes I can't tell if it was clear enough that readers "get it.'' That's my problem not the readers if it happens.

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Potvin Memorial site

Is http://www.mem.com/display/biography.asp?ID=1185081

For those in United States who wish to submit expressions of sympathy, donations to the trust fund of Dianne and Justin Potvin would be greatly appreciated by Marc's family. Contact: Pam Farkas at Unizan Bank (pfarkas@unizan.com or call 330-966-5350), 1340 North Main Street, North Canton, Ohio, 44720.

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By the way

As if anyone was wondering or cares, I agree with what Brendan Savage said in his column 100 percent, and I told him so. He was dead on and I wish I had written it.

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