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Opening Arguments

Want fries with that mental anguish?

This may be the silly lawsuit to end all silly lawsuits:

McDonald's has been hit with a supersized lawsuit.

Unhappy eater Webster Lucas reportedly wants $1.5 million from the fast-food company after he claimed the staff only gave him one napkin.

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On the group's fifth anniversary, let's listen to Jedediah Bila on why Rand Paul is right on how to expand the Tea Party:

Heckler's veto

We're through the looking glass now, aren't we, Alice?

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Officials at a Northern California high school acted appropriately when they ordered students wearing American flag T-shirts to turn the garments inside out during the Mexican heritage celebration Cinco de Mayo, a federal appeals court ruled Thursday.

Put up or shut up

I hate to agree with CNN, but, yeah, this is pretty much true:

Republicans, who have spent years clamoring for tax reform, were much less enthusiastic Wednesday when faced with a sweeping tax overhaul plan in an election year, reticent to discuss whether the proposal from House Ways and Means Chairman Dave Camp, R-Michigan, should even get a vote.

F and N

I have another f-word in mind, as in "this is really f------ stupid."

As the NFL considers banning the use of the n-word among its players, some wonder whether the f-word, a slang term for a homosexual, will be far behind.

In praise of dinosaurs

The Wall Street Journal, as a sidebar to the sotry about Dave Camp's ambitious plan for reforming the tax code, laments the lack of "big legislation" these days:

Not so wild in the streets

The myth: If more people carry guns, the country will become a much more dangerous place. The reality: Could it be that concealed carry has actually made the country safer?

A good day for butter

Of course if they're going to keep pouring trillions down the social-programs rathole, they have to get the money from somewhere. I mean, they can't just print and borrow all of it. So why not gut the nasty old military, starting with a plan to shrink the Army to pre-World II levels. Even some officials are worried about the implications, though:

How we lost the war


Coconut oil. Coffee. Whole milk. Salt. Chocolate. Popcorn. Eggs. What do those seven foods have in common?

In the future, when we’re zipping around the biosphere on our jetpacks and eating our nutritionally complete food pellets, we won’t have to worry about what foods will kill us or which will make us live forever.

Murder is murder

If you thought Wendy Davis, who seems to advocate abortion on demand pretty much all the way up to the actual birth, represented the pro-choice side at its most extreme, guess again:

Piers is out of bullets

Unsettling science

Now, it's the FCC thugs' turn


Two editorial pages in one

Juxtaposition of the day. From the New York Times editorial page, Jan. 14, 1987:

The Federal minimum wage has been frozen at $3.35 an hour for six years. In some states, it now compares unfavorably even with welfare benefits available without working. It's no wonder then that Edward Kennedy, the new chairman of the Senate Labor Committee, is being pressed by organized labor to battle for an increase.

He's baaaack!

If you've moved beyond the '90s and have no wish to relive them, sorry. If Hillary Clinton runs for the presidency, we're gonna be wallowing in Bill Clinton's libido again:

On time

I'm not sure this is a very meaningful statistic. Or, put another way, don't make too much of it:

Three in 10 students enrolled at an Indiana four-year college graduate on time, and only half finish within six years, according to a report released Tuesday by the Indiana Commission for Higher Education.

Sorry, sorry, sorry

President Obama has smothered the economy, wreaked havoc on the health care delivery system, all but destroyed American foreigh policy, used the IRS to harass his political enemies,  and acted in general lawlessly and without regard for the Constitution.

The cookie crumbles

Oh, dear. Girl Scout Cookies turn out to be not so good for us:

Those cute little girls selling cookies around your neighbor are delivering junk-food snacks that are astonishingly unhealthy. ( Just four Samoas have 50% of your recommended saturated fat intake for the day... )

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