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Current events

Here's a smartphone plan for you

It was William F. Buckley Jr. who said he would rather be governed by the first 2,000 people in the Boston telephone directory than by the 2,000 people on the faculty at Harvard. In that spirit:

Let's call them on this

Old soldiers

I don't have anything profound to say about it, but this milestone shouldn't go unnoticed:

Parade rest

A fair question is raised here:

The New York Giants on Tuesday will be showered with confetti and greeted by throngs as they are feted with the city’s most storied honor: a parade through its Canyon of Heroes.

We, the subjects

So sad. The greatest political document in the history of the world is getting less respect these days:

The Constitution has seen better days.

Trying harder

I'm shocked -- shocked and appalled, I tell you! -- to discover this:

Members of Congress may no longer be able to direct federal money to projects back home because of a moratorium on legislative earmarks, but that has not stopped them from trying.

End-of-the-World update

I also saw this on my vacation, a short Journal Gazette editorial and accompanying map explaining how "the reality of climate change" (an increase of two-thirds of a degree) affects us locally:

It means it’s not as cold in northeast Indiana as it used to be.

It also means that less hardy plants and trees are now more likely to survive further north.

Dude, where's my buzz?

If you liked alcohol-free beer, you'll just love this:

A British drug manufacturer is hoping for a big score from consumers and a green light from the FDA for its medical marijuana mouth spray in 2013.

Half moon

I thought conservatives were the wingnuts and it's the liberals who are supposed to be the moonbats:

A day after Newt Gingrich vowed to build a base on the moon by the end of his second term in office, Rick Santorum suggested that such a promise was merely pandering to Florida voters.

Libertarian U.

My God, maybe there's hope for the future after all:

Even though on an issue-by-issue basis the opinions of incoming freshmen are becoming less conservative, the number of liberal students per se is not necessarily on the rise.