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Hoosier lore

A tragic hyperbole

A lot has been written about how the term "tragedy" has been weakened and diluted. Originally, it had a very specific meaning: A tragic figure was someone who had the potential for greatness but was brought down by his character flaws. By that definition, Richard Nixon was a tragic figure. But in recent years the term has been used for everything from floods and other weather extremes to missing a party because of coming down with a cold.

Well, we ARE Hoosiers

Was there ever any doubt?


INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) - Indiana athletes who make it to the NBA are common knowledge to most Indiana basketball fans: athletes like Alan Henderson, Randy Whitman, and of course, Larry Bird.

They are just a few of the examples of Indiana players who made it to the big time. 

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A bald move

The story about Hoosier Jeffrey Henry, who faces possible fines and jail time for bringing a sick bald eagle into his home and trying to nurse it back to health, is starting to get national attention:


Hmmm. I suspected a majority of Hoosiers were against the pending immigration "reform," but I didn't realize it was quite this strong:

Yikes! to you, too

Simple Common Core math

Nothing more boring than a "govornor appoints new members to board" story. Except when it isn't:

At first blush, it appears that through his newly appointed members to the state board of education, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence has decided to keep the Common Core State Standards in the Hoosier State.

Bums kicked out

I love a story with a happy ending:

Michael Monaghan has wanted to develop his property on Main Street in Hackensack, New Jersey, just a few miles away from Manhattan.  Yet the city twice denied two applications for banks to build on his land. 

Halfway there

Indiana revenue from gambling taxes is down and still falling, and I agree with this Journal Gazette editorial that the state should resist pressure to expand operations or give existing operations furthr tax breaks:

Banana split

Well, here's a controversy you don't see every day:

The mural on the house is clearly a banana. But is it art? Or an advertisement?

That is the question facing a town in Indiana as it weighs whether or not the house  can keep its banana mural.


Hey, how often can you say there are both good and bad toe reports in the same day's news?

The good: