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Handle with care

Good God almighty, Mitt, don't you have enough trouble explaining Romneycare without shooting your mouth off like this?

JERUSALEM — Presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney offered praise for the Israeli health care system today — a medical plan that has been socialized since its founding in 1948.

Twist and switch

Alanis Morissette, please pay attention:

When Long Beach, Indiana, native John G. Roberts was up for confirmation to become U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice, he did not get the vote of then U.S. Sen. Barack Obama.

One more tool for the tools

Watch your wallets

Hey, I've had my "Read my lips" moment with a president I thought could be trusted on taxes. Now you Democrats enjoy yours, hear?

A gestalt shift

I've been reading everything I can on the Supreme Court's Obamacare ruling, and it seems to amount mostly to cries of foul from conservatives and a great deal of gloating by liberals. About the best analysis I've seen so far is by Larry Slolum at the Legal Theory Blog, who says it represents a "gestalt shift" in constitutional law rather than the "tectonic shift" invalidating the mandate (instead of merely renaming it a tax) would have been:

Think ahead

Chicago Sun-Times editors were embarrassed by their "prep copy" getting online, showing readers the three different ways the paper could cover the Obamacare Supreme court decision, depending on how it came out -- Obamacare overturned, Obamacare upheld, Obamacare partially upheld. But they needn't worry.

Turn, turn, turn

Nothing new here

ACLU for tyranny

I've had a nice thing or two to say about the ACLU recently. Wouldn't want to make a habit of that, though, so allow me to note with distaste that organization's astonishing and repugnant claim that President Obama's decision to mandate coverage for birth control does not violate the religious-liberty guarantee of the First Amendment: