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He said, they said

Today's exercise in missing the point . . .

Congratulations, you lost!

This reaction to the United States moving on in World Cup play despite its loss to Germany seems a little overwrought to me:

Sorry, World, but that is bullshit. And I don't even care if it helped America. It's not American style to lose but advance. We won a game, we tied a game, and then we lost a game, but still we advance. Why not just give every country in the world a "cup"? A big cup... of lameness.

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Gonna head off you troublemakers

Don't know what you're thinking, but I'm pretty sure you're up to no good, so I just might do something about it. Here's Karrem Abdul-Jabbar on the "finger-wagging olympics" surrounding Donald Sterling's racist whines to his mistress/girlfriend.whatever:

F and N

I have another f-word in mind, as in "this is really f------ stupid."

As the NFL considers banning the use of the n-word among its players, some wonder whether the f-word, a slang term for a homosexual, will be far behind.

The circus is in town

John Elway: Hey, I'd have no problem in drafting Michael Sam:

Sam, a 6-foot-2, 260-pound defensive end and linebacker from Missouri who is projected to go in the middle rounds of the NFL draft May 8-10, announced Sunday that he is gay.


Near the end of the Super Bowl yesterday, a friend texted, "What happened to the Broncos?" I texted back: "Total collapse when it mattered most. Inexplicable."

That was a flip, spur-of-the-moment comment, but I wouldn't change it today except to perhaps make it a little more artful. Reading the mountain of commentary hasn't made it more understandable. Stuff like this:

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Extra points

My first thought about this was "No way, leave the damn game alone," but then I decided I was being too reactonary. Everything changes, so why not football?

The NFL is reportedly considering abolishing the extra point after touchdowns as part of its scoring system. 

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"All phases"

Watching the Colts game Sunday was such a painful experience that I couldn't post about immediately. Now that time has dimmed the memory and I can almost get back to an "oh, well, it's only a game" mentality, I can finally say what I think happened (if the opinion of a mere fan counts for anything).

It's a variation of this:

Line, crossed

Sometimes The Onion goes so far in its humor that it makes some people uncomfortable. This is one of those times:

Teachable moment