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Man overboard!

Well, if you're a one-man team, you've got to expect a bad season when your man goes down:

Manning isn't just the most valuable football player of his era. He belongs in the conversation for most valuable in any team sport ever. He's mastered the game like no one since Otto Graham took the Cleveland Browns to the championship match in each of his 10 seasons more than a half-century ago.

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Small blessings

How depressing. There are still four NFL teams without a win -- the Rams, the Vikings, the Dolphins and the Colts. Who'd have thought at the beginning that we'd have to be grateful for even this small crumb?

The Peyton Manning-less Colts are the most likely team to shed the title of "winless" first.

Football follies

Well, there goes the last shred of good will I had for the Circle City's crazed embrace of the Super Bowl:

Indianapolis, IL, United States (AHN)


Leave it to a former NFL player to explain what's wrong with education. Fran Tarkington explores an alternate reality:

Losing is winning!

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell sees the upside of losing:

On whether it's better for the NFL to have the host city's team in the Super Bowl, or to have two outside teams:

"First of all, it's never happened where a Super Bowl host city has also had a team in the big game. That would be a different dynamic," he said.

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Jeff's little joke

I don't want to say the Colts are dead this season, but isn't that a vulture waiting to swoop down and tear the flesh from the bones?

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Another good reason to just stay home and watch all the games on the big-screen TV:

The NFL wants all fans patted down from the ankles up this season to improve fan safety.


A Reuters reporter trying to convey something of Indianapolis is about a few decades behind the times:

With four Emmy Awards Allison Melangton knows how to produce a winning show, but making sure Indianapolis delivers a memorable Super Bowl party will require a blockbuster game plan.

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Bumpy ride

Good Lord, what is this, a football game or bucking up the troops for the last stand at the Alamo?

INDIANAPOLIS --  Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay took to Twitter Monday morning to address some of the fans' Monday morning quarterbacking in the wake of the team's dismal performance in a 34-7 loss to Houston in the NFL season opener on Sunday.


Manning overboard