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Thursday November 20, 2014
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Tailing the Komets

No fear of overtime

Why have the Komets been doing better in overtimes? You can find out here.

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This week's video

Randy and I discuss the series here with some great camera work by Chad Ryan. I swear, it's like he knows what we're going to talk about! It's a good thing he gets to go with me to Muskegon so we'll have photo pages in the paper after each game.

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How confident are you?

I'm sensing that some of you may be a tad overconfident that the Komets are just going to easily win this thing 4-0. Aren't you anxious at all?

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Another Inside the Zone

WANE's Glenn Marini and I review Gams

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Drouin gets good news

With the first cast he was wearing on his broken arm, Komets forward P.C. Drouin said he felt fine, but when it came off his arm felt lousy. With the second cast, his arm felt lousy, but when it came off Monday morning, the arm felt much better. Drouin said Dr. Greg Sassmannshausen of FWO told him there's still a possibility the Komets' leading scorer come play in the Turner Cup finals.

Drouin is leaving with the team this afternoon and will be in warm-ups Tuesday night in Muskegon.

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Monday's stories

Here's a column about how the Komets are doing against Todd Robinson and Robin Bouchard.

Then here's a notebook starting off with how Sebastien Laplante is staying ready and there's some fascinating stuff about Nick Boucher's play in Muskegon and on the road.

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Sunday on-line story

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Notes on Game 2

Muskegon coach Bruce Ramsay switched Chad Woollard off the top line with Todd Robinson and Robin Bouchard, replacing him with Gerome Giudice...Bill Zalba returned to the Muskegon lineup in blace of John DiPace who was out with an injury, as was Alec Kirschner... Colin Chaulk set the tone for the entire night with his early skating... David Hukalo is the Komets' MVP so far... Muskegon now needs to beat Nick Boucher four out of five games... This was Fort Wayne's most complete game of the playoffs...
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Game 2 highlights

From Chad Ryan

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It's 4-0 after two

Komets are simply skating around, past and through the Lumberjacks who can't seem to get out of their own zone. Fort Wayne's forecheck has really bottled up the Muskegon offense.

I'm really surprised Muskegon hasn't pulled rookie goaltender Kevin Armstrong who hasn't played poorly, but his team could use a shakeup.

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Hodgman's goal

These are from Chad Ryan.


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Komets up 2-0 early

and they are flying.  Colin Chaulk in particular is up and down the ice which is a huge good sign for the Komets. Muskegon's already had two power plays, but one resulted in a short-handed goal by Justin Hodgman off a steal by Sean O'Connor. This is exactly what the Komets needed.

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Coliseum in transition

It's 5:30 p.m. and about half of the ice is uncovered and two-thirds of the glass is up. There are 16 people working and they are hustling! They'll make it in time, but the question is going to be the condition of the ice.

At 6 p.m., the ice is totally uncovered and the last pane of glass is going up. Amazing process and job they did.

If yo uwant an idea of what it looks like, check this out: http://fwnextweb1.fortwayne.com/ns/video/coliseum/

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Game 1 highlights

From Otto and the

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Couple of things

If you can't make it to the game, you can listen to it here.

Also, Brent Henley is trying to locate the photographer who took this picture. "I found a picture online that I would like to get my hands on," he said. "It was posted online by someone with the handle MYRIADA2008." If anyone knows this person, please email me at bsebring@news-sentinel.com.

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Game 2 preview

The Komets need to play better to win tonight. You can ready why here.

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Mother's Day is next week

Just a reminder, but if anyone needs ideas for Mother's Day or Father's Day gifts, could I suggest possibly some books? You can get them at Komet Kuarters, the games or through the bookstores. You can also buy the online by using the Books key to the left.
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Can I make a suggestion?

First off, today's story is here. I'm not going to post the notebook because it's pretty much already in the Game 1 notes I posted.

OK, i think there has been some very interesting and very needed discussion going on about the anthem, and I love it. It shows how good this blog can be at its best and I thank you for that.

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Notes on Game 1

The Komets' opponents have scored first the last four games and seven of the last 10 but the Komets are 8-2 in those games... Though comparable to any other weeknight playoff crowd, Thursday's attendance of 6,418 was the smallest of the Komets' last six home finals openers... The Komets have won 12 in a row at home and are 14-0-2 over their last 16... How big is Saturday's Game 2? When they go up 2-0, the Komets are 22-0, but they have lost Game 2 the last five times they had a chance to go up 2-0, including the last four times in Fort Wayne...

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We have the winner!

This is by Chad Ryan

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