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Tailing the Komets

Extensive WANE highlights

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Much craziness

* The Komets have out-scored opponents 14-3 during the third period over the last nine games.

* Goaltender Tim Haun is 6-0-1 over that span, with a 1.86 goals against average and .941 save percentage.

* They've been out-shot their last five games, something that hasn't happened since 1998.

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Strange night so far

Komets lead 2-1 after the first period, and this is one of those games that just has a strange feel to it. Very physical and the ref has missed some calls so players are starting to take some liberties. Get the feeling one more hit on a goaltender from

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A goaltenders' duel

Two questions:

1. How darn good is Rob Nolan for Flint? Komets should have had seven goals tonight, but he just kept robbing them. That kid is amazing. This could have been another 10-1 game very, very easily, but he was a one-man team in his own end.

2. How darn good is Tim Haun right now? He is a rock in the nets. He reminds me of Kevin Reiter a few years ago when he was on his hot streak, or Bruce Racine the way he is projecting calm out there. Tim just makes the really good saves look so routine because he's so under control. I think he's giving his teammates a lot of confidence.

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Don't count out Flint tonight

You can read today's story here. The Komets can help themselves a lot by avoiding

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All kinds of videos

These are from Otto Boschet and the GOW gang.

The first one is here. It's the Bloomington game from Jan. 9 and includes Bobby Phillips' first pro goal. There's no Tim or Randy on this one because Otto was just bored and needed something to do to stay out of trouble that night.

The second one is here. It's the Muskegon game from last Saturday. Man, does Otto do great replays or what?

Or you can check out Otto's index here.

Thanks, Otto.

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WANE interviews from practice

Includes coach Sims, Matt Syroczynski and Mitch Woods. You can watch

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Ks not interested in Stauffacher, Big Snake

Komets General Manager David Franke said today the Komets are not interested in signing forward Luke Stauffacher who became an unrestricted free agent today.

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Mac's response, notes

I talked with Brad MacMillan and Mitch Woods today about the false rumor that they fought in practice Tuesday. Both players were a little offended about the rumor.

``I didn't even know about it until my dad called me and asked, and I didn't even know what he was talking about,'' MacMillan said. ``I'm not that type of guy where I'm going to fight a teammate. He'd have to really push my buttons, but I've got pretty thick skin. If it was anybody, it'd probably be Rodgy.''

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Baseball Hall to induct 7

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Hukalo played on IR

The Komets have played forward David Hukalo on 30-day injured reserve retroactivated to Jan. 9.

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IHL Readers' Choice Awards

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GOW tonight

Komets vs. Muskegon, 8 p.m., 4 a.m. and Noon. Wendy's interview guest is Dennis Schebig. Comcast Ch. 55, Direct TV Ch. 25.

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Komets notebook

You can re

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Did you guys see this one?

Thanks to Wendy for pointing this one out. I've never seen that happen and didn't realize it was a possibility until I heard this. I checked the rule book:

20.3 Substitution

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You have to read this

It's a column by Bob McKenzie. Fascinating!

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Mike Nichols story

You can read it here.

Goodbye, Mike. You continue to ins

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Fort Wayne Winter Classic

Has its own Facebook page.

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What Syro had to say

``As of right now, it should be for the rest of the year. I left Norfolk on very good terms, and we'll see what happens next year. I talked to all three coaches at length, and everything is fine. They liked what I did, but a lot of it is out of their control with Tampa Bay.''

``I initiated this. It was just something where I've been living in a hotel since Oct. 28 with a roommate, and I said if you're not willing to sign me for the year... I was at a point where I'm not a young and upcoming prospect, and this is something I had to do for myself.''

``I was in a situation

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Inside The Zone for Jan. 11

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