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Thursday October 30, 2014
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Tailing the Komets

A Komets jersey goes home

You can read the story here.

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In the zone

Another discussion with WANE's Glenn Marini talking about the first three games of the playoffs. You can watch it here.

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Another contest for bloggers

The Komets are looking for 4 “Wing Hungry” contestants for an intermission contest on Friday, April 24.  The contest will be a 3 minute wing eating contest during the 1>st intermission.  Prizes will be awarded for all participants, with a grand prize to the winner.  Rather than taking the first 4 to respond, they would like you to send a brief essay on why you should be in the contest.  Talk about your love for eating buffalo wings, hatred of Kalamazoo, or anything else that would make you an ideal contestant.  Send your “essays” to

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Monday's story

The mainbar can be read here, and the notebook is here.

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Notes on Game 3

Moving Chaulk to the point of the power play was a GREAT wrinkle for Game 3... Sean O'Connor leads the team with 19 shots, five more than anyone else... Komets have out-scored Kalamazoo 6-0 in the second periods... Maybe Nick Boucher wouldn't have needed it, but Sebastian Laplante did a fantastic job of getting in Boucher's ear immediately after Saturday's game and making sure he stayed calm... The pairing of Keith Rodger and Rod Aldoff are plus-3 so far, which is impressive considering how much the Wings are going after the rookie...

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At this rate, Brad MacMillan is going to be way too valuable to waste his time fighting. The Komets can't afford for him to sit out five minutes.

It's 1-0 after the first period. They changed the goal from MacMillan to Keith Rodger.

BTW, Komets GM David Franke and President Michael Franke both said the goal judge got the call right in Kalamazoo on Saturday.

Komets have moved Colin Chaulk to the point on the power play.

Nick Boucher was even better in the first period than he's been in the first two games.

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Sunday on-line story

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Long, long game

That was the fourth-longest overtime game in Komets history following the four-overtime contest on April 14, 1960, a three-overtime game on April 19, 1996, and last spring's three-overtime Game 7 on May 12, which isl the only time the Komets have won an overtime game that lasted past the first extra period. The Komets are now 1-11 in games that last double ovetime or longer.

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Games of the week broadcast times

Otherwise known as the Tim and Randy show with lots of help from Otto.

These are all on Comcast Ch. 55

Friday's Game 1, 8 p.m. Wednesday and 4 a.m. and Noon, Thursday

Sunday's Game 3,

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Poster ordering details

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Saturday's stories

Here's the game story, and here's the notebook. Make sure to check out Ellie Bogue's photos. She had a great night.

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The players received these before the game.

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A few notes

Sean O'Connor is this year's Justin Hodgman... Jake Pence played fantastic tonight... How good was Danko Mironivic?... Colin Chaulk won 75 percent of his faceoffs... Komets won the scoring chances 30-20... Komets' speed killed Kalamazoo's defense... With the exception of Hodgman's misconduct penalty for shooting the puck at Stayzer's stick and knocking it away as the Wing tried to pick it up, the Komets kept their cool... It was fun watching Al Sims and Nick Bootland try to match-up lines... How about Mathieu Curadeau's atempt to draw a high sticking penalty on Kalamazoo's Jordan Little.

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We have a winner

Rick "Harley" Sosenheimer won the Blogger's musical chairs. Nice effort, everyone.

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Check this out

Guess who this is?

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Time to concentrate on the game

Sounds like everybody's getting pretty feisty. Some of you already have your gameface on!

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This is neat

Note the section, row and seat.

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Today's preview

Can be read here.

Another big key to the series: The Komets have shown a trend of falling behind early of late and then roaring back. They can't do that in this series. Also, anybody want to bet Nick Bootland is playing the "They have three all-stars and we don't have anybody" card?

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So how was it?

Anybody who went to the TinCaps game tonight, how was it? Parking, traffic, food,

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Today's stories

There's the announcement of the all-IHL team, but most of you will probably have more interest in the scouting report. The key stuff is near the bottom.

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