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Tailing the Komets

Chuckitt is doing fine

He got home Tuesday after eight days in the hospital. The doctor told him he got all of the cancer and he'll have some complications for four to five months. He has not had the strength yet to read the blogs or the papers, but he's getting there. Please continue to include him in your prayers.

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Reverse blogging

Since I'm working on high school football Friday night and won't be able to make the trip to Flint, those of you who are going to the game will need to report back to me what you saw. This is a serious responsibility so try to be objective (Yeah, right), and don't drink too much (ditto).

Everybody have fun

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Getting your hockey fix

The Komets play only one game this weekend, and that's on the road, so what are you going to do for fun? How about going out to McMillen to watch the Silver Stick Mid American Regional over the next two weekends? This weekend will be the Mite B, Bantam A and B and U-18 B divisions, and Nov. 13-15 will be the Squirt and Pee Wee divisions. There are 63 teams participating, including 10 from Fort Wayne (one Mite, two Squirt, two Pee Wee, three Bantam, two Midget).

This is the eighth consecutive year Fort Wayne has hosted the tournament.

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WANE interviews from today's practice

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IR report

David Hukalo is eligible to come off injured reserve but needs a little more time, according to Komets General Manager David Franek. Brandon Warner is eligible to come off next Wednesday and will be ready to go. Kevin Bertram can come off Nov. 17 and will be ready to go.

Matt Syroczynski played in one Norfolk game in Manitoba, going -1 with two PIMs as Mike pointed out. The Komets are expecting him back in time for Friday's game at Flint, meaning they'll have to make another roster move.

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Rehash of the bash

WANE's Glenn Marini and I sat down today to talk about Saturday's game. You can watch it here. Please be patient because it takes a little while to load. It's 11 minutes of your life you will never get back.

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Programming change

Randy just let me know that the times The Public Access team will show a replay of Saturday's game at 7 p.m., Wednesday on Comcast Cable Ch. 55 and Verizon Ch. 25, and again at 11 a.m. on Thursday.

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In stories this week, I said Brad MacMillan's 15-game suspension was the longest all-time for a Komet, breaking the mark of 12 games by Robin Bawa. After further research, Bob Bailey was suspended for the final 27 games of the 1963-64 season for hitting referee Frank Slota over the head with his stick.

According to the story at the time, "

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Tough talk

The Komets are still very upset about Saturday's altercations. No one seems to be upset with the suspensions the league handed down, but they are mad that Jason Lawmaster didn't receive any suspension.

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Two stories today

The first is the general suspension announcement which you can read here.

The second is a column about how the league is struggling to find the balance with fighting. You can read that here.

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Replay of the game

The Public Access team will show a replay of Saturday's game at 7 p.m., Wednesday on Comcast Cable Ch. 55 and Verizon Ch. 25, and again at 11 a.m. on Thursday. I'm quite confident in saying that I'm sure Randy and Tim took a dignified, calm and reasoned approach to calling this contest. I'll bet they never even raised their voices, right Tim?

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Boucher, DeAngelis hon

They were named IHL Goaltender and Rookie of the Week.

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Reaction to the suspensions

Couple more facts: Neither coach was fined, the players remain on the salary cap and roster and also continue to get paid.

Brad Jones:

The punishment is based on what I thought was fitting. The fact that both teams are losing a player for a significant amount of time and they remain on the salary cap comes into play.

On Lawmaster: I look at it that he's getting fined and did receive a game misconduct for being the aggressor. I felt that the situation behind the net could have been called a little differently which could have played a role in this.

David Franke:

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Suspensions handed out

The league just released the suspensions.

Brad MacMillan gets 15 games.

Robin Big Snake gets XX games.

Jason Lawmaster gets XX games.

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What would you have said...

... if say Jason Lawmaster has punched P.C. Drouin under the same circumstances as Brad MacMillan punched Robin Bouchard? Would you have wanted the Komets to go after Todd Robinson on the next faceoff?

In some ways, I can see where you've got three Lumberjacks approaching MacMillan and he probably is figuring he better be the first one to throw one or he might not get the chance. I can also see why the Lumberjacks have the right to be upset about it, too. I can't remember the last time I saw Robin Bouchard fight.

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Need some more riders

There are still about 25 spots available on the fan bus going to Friday's game in Flint. This is organized by world-famous blogger and scorekeeper Dennis Schebig. The price of $30 includes round-trip fare and game ticket. He needs at least 55 people or the money will be refunded. Tickets can be purchased at Komet Kuarters. If anyone needs more information, they can call him at 427-3227. Sorry, no alcohol and the bus is non-smoking.

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Today's story

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Some great WANE video

You can watch it here.

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More on the altercation

Al Sims said, "I'm not going to say much about it, but obviously, players on the Muskegon bench were told something. I don't know by who, but they went out there and obviously did what someone told them. They did not do that on their own.

"I think it's very tough for Brad and Stayz to stay where they are when your best players who aren't fighters are getting pummeled. I certainly would have loved for him to stay inthe penalty box, but he went out and got retribution for Shaf. I can't fault the guy for wanting to stand up for his teammates. It's a tough call."

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