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Politicsd and other nightmares

So long, tenure?

If Eric Cantor's defeat was front-page stunning, here's a little inside-page shocker:

A Los Angeles Superior Court judge ruled Tuesday that teacher tenure laws deprive students of their constitutional right to an education, a decision that hands teachers’ unions a major defeat in a landmark case that overturns several California laws that govern the way teachers are hired and fired.

Character assassination

The back yard of Hermine Rickets and her husband, Tom Carroll, doesn't get enough sunlight, so for the past 17 years, they've grown a vegetable garden in the front yard. Then along comes a new zoning ordinance:

The gay-marriage two-step

A little bit of journalistic hyperbole here:

A Cheney family feud erupted on Facebook after Liz Cheney reiterated her opposition to same-sex marriage in an interview with "Fox News Sunday" -- despite her sister Mary Cheney, who is gay, having recently married her longtime partner. 

Idiots' delight

The Benghazi scandal is getting riper by the minute, a third of the country is dealing with the storm of the century, the economy is still on the verge of collapse and the debt is still unsustainable and growing, but let's not let any of those minor concers distract us from the really important issues: