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Pope cycle

Hidden flesh

Prey tell

If you let people locked up for terrorist activities get together in unsupervised meetings five times a day, what could possibly go wrong?

INDIANAPOLIS, Jan 12 (Reuters) - John Walker Lindh, known as the "American Taliban," and other Muslims housed in an Indiana prison have the right to congregate for daily group prayer sessions, a federal judge ruled on Friday.

Change agent

Piers Morgan is a silly ass:

On Monday’s episode of “Piers Morgan Tonight,” the British host called for a ‘gay marriage amendment’ to the Bible.

Armageddon it on

Good grief:

The new figures reveal that the lightsabre-wielding disciples are only behind Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, Judaism and Buddhism in the popularity stakes, excluding non-religious people and people who did not answer.

Truth Squad

Boy, does this ever sound like a nightmare in the making:

The chairman of the State Senate Education Committee says he will not try again to have creationism be taught in Indiana's public schools during the upcoming legislative session.

Shame, shame

I can pray all by myself

Both jittery church goers and smug atheists are making too much out of that Pew poll revealing that a fifth of the U.S. public, and a third of adults under 30, aren't affiliated with any religion today, a 15 percent increase in the past five years:

Complex and surprising

Why, yes, it makes perfect sense that global warming would result in more Antarctic ice:

While the North Pole has been losing sea ice over the years, the water nearest the South Pole has been gaining it. Antarctic sea ice hit a record 7.51 million square miles in September. That happened just days after reports of the biggest loss of Arctic sea ice on record.


Can't I leave you people alone at all? I'm gone just a week and return to find the 1st Amendment about to be chucked. First, there's this clown: