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Early to bed

OMG, our first post-NFL season Monday night of the year. How wretched.

Top three

OK, Super Bowl over, we had a winner, now who cares? But we're still talking about the ads. (How come very single year people say, "They weren't as good this year"?). FWIW, in the "Brings out the sentinmental slob in me" category, I call it a tie between these two.

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Thrown for a loss

If you don't have the resources to fight back, it's easy to be bullied, and the NFL certainly knows how to do it:

ANDERSON, Ind. — Roy Fox, an entrepeneural Indianapolis Colts fan, says he was sacked by the National Football League before he could even test the market for his "Harbowl" T-shirts, hats and other merchandise..

Chicken comes home to roost

Told you so, told you so. But to those who did not care to be lectured about the dangers of dipping into the food chain for fuel fiascos, you enjoy that Super Bowl!

Talk about getting socked

I appreciate the need for dress codes -- businesses want their employees to look a certain way, and accepting employment from a company means accepting their rules. But this is just plain stupid:

SANTA CLARA (CBS / AP) — Frank Gore will pay closer attention to his socks for the Super Bowl.

The gal pal blues

Testy Tom tweets

Tom Crean seems to be channeling Bobby Knight:

On the first Monday of the college basketball season with his team no longer the best in all of the land, Indiana coach Tom Crean seemed to get a little testy with the tone of his tweets.

[. . .]

Then came this tweet:

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Man, this score is so lopsided even "blowout" doesn't do it justice:

INDIANAPOLIS - The athletic department at Bloomington South High School is defending a controversial 107-2 win by its girls basketball team.

The win came Tuesday night over Arlington High School in Indianapolis, whose only points of the game came from free throws.


Well, hell, then, let's send him in to get that fiscal-cliff deal done:

Here we go again

Today's "tail wagging the dog" news:

Indiana University Athletic Director Fred Glass didn’t hire men’s basketball coach Tom Crean. But he’s sure bent on keeping Crean in Bloomington for a long time.

Last week, Glass announced that Crean’s contract is being extended two years—through 2020. An extension always amounts to a pay raise.