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Mixed message

Who can party sober?

OK, show of hands: Who didn't see this coming?

Changes to Indianapolis' alcohol laws will allow thousands of Super Bowl partiers to enjoy the game on the streets.


Poor Colts. Not only can't they win when they're supposed to. They can't even lose when they should:

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Class act

The General Assembly, having solved all the rest of the state's problems, can now turn to something really important:

Senate Bill No. 84, which has been introduced by Senator Jean Leising, would allow schools to "Participate in an interscholastic athletics association only if the association does not conduct boys' or girls' interscholastic basketball games in which the teams are divided into classes."

Game of the year

Until this weekend, I had kept my vow -- announced here a few years ago -- to give up on following IU basketball. I decided to take a look at the Indiana-Kentucky game, though, because it's a long rivalry between two states that are both dear to my heart. Boy, did I pick a good game to come back for, or what? IU's buzzer-beater, 1-point victory over the nation's top-ranked team was as exciting as anythin I've  seen in the past couple of years.

But, hey, let's not get carried away:

No show

Fort Wayne in the spotlight:

The Indianapolis Colts are a sad, mopey, miserable football team that aggressively drains the life force out of anyone who watches them play because they want them to win.

A break for US

Well, this will be two days in which no mischief will be possible:

The General Assembly plans to take a break in the days before next year's Super Bowl in Indianapolis, in part because out-of-town lawmakers are losing their rooms at area hotels or long-term residences in favor of visitors for the game.

The kids are all right

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the Penn State scandal -- and there so many -- is this reaction by too many students:

Put me in, coach!

Thank goodness we don't have to put him on the injured reserve list:

Governor Mitch Daniels returned home after undergoing surgery to his right knee Friday morning.

[. ..]

Pitiful, pitiful

If the Indianapolis Colts were rated as the lousiest, ugliest bunch of losers in the NFL, that could at least be a perverse point of pride. But they can't even get that right, coming in at No. 31 in the power rankings, one notch above the Miami Dolphins at 32.