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Tune out

Not a great week for public broadcasting. First, Gwen Ifill of PBS joined the herd of "leftist dullards" who reflexively chided Sarah Palin for saying "party like it's 1773," when she obviously meant 1776, demonstrating it's more important to mock a rightwing exremist than to do a simple Google search on the date.

Playing catch

My favorite cartoon of the week, because it's both true and not political:

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The Super Bowl is going to help turn Indianapolis into a paradise!

A soaring blue hotel altering Indianapolis' skyline. Freshly paved streets. A struggling neighborhood seeking renewal.

All are transformational projects taking place in anticipation of the city hosting the 2012 Super Bowl.

Gaga me with a spoon

I think we need to update the superhero canon to reflect modern sensibilities.

Won't get fooled again

Today's lesson in interpersonal relationships. Good hoax:

Casey Affleck wants to come clean.


Is cornpone humor acceptable if we pretend it isn't cornpone humor? I ask having attended the "Red Green Wit & Wisdom Tour" show on Saturday night. We were in the $10 balcony cheap seats, but that was OK -- no seat in the Scottish Rite is that far away from the stage. It wasn't necessary to see Red that clearly anyway; if you've ever seen his PBS show, you can easily fill in the facial-expression blanks somewhere below the hunting hat and above the plaid shirt.

Hot couple

I give you, direct from the pages of their high school yearbooks (via gawker.com), the most hottest, dynamic political couple since Marty Matalin and James Carville -- Rachel Maddow and Rush Limbaugh! Scary.

Another great TV moment

Another office older has "wandered off the Meet the Press reservation (love that phrase) and further blurred the line between politics with entertainment. Yes, it's President Obama,  sitting down to play Roses and Thorns with perhaps the four silliest people on television:


The small stuff