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You say you want a revolution?

The same fragmentation we've seen in television is coming to radio, too:

When Wi-Fi hits the car, or whatever type of cheap Internet access deploys in automobiles, Sirius XM will be challenged too. Right now, Sirius XM’s Internet play is laughable.

Send a telegram. Stop. Email me. Stop.

Got yer red-hot bias here

Not exactly a stunner:

News outlets’ coverage of gay marriage tended to be significantly more favorable than unfavorable, according to a new survey Monday.

Stories focusing on support for same-sex marriage were five times more frequent than those focused on opposition, the analysis conducted by the Pew Research Center found.


More victims of the digital revolution:

CHICAGO (AP) — The union representing laid-off photographers at the Chicago Sun-Times plans to file a bad-faith bargaining charge with the National Labor Relations Board.

Slowing the snoops

Hooray for Texas:

Despite having lost his bid for the presidency, Texas Governor Rick Perry now finds himself again in a position of (potential) national leadership. On the way to his desk is a bill that would put Texas far ahead of the rest of the country when it comes to protecting consumers' electronic privacy.

I'm right, so just shut up!

As a lifelong mouth-shooter-offer, I'm torn between the idea that this so-called study is worthless crap and the fear that it is further proof that the online experience is turning the world upside-down:

Being confident and loud is the best way to win an argument - even if you are wrong, a new study suggests.

Last-legs report

Today's statement of the obvious:

The Postal Service lost $1.9 billion between January and March, and $15.9 billion last year. The 238-year-old institution loses $25 million each day, and has reached its borrowing limit with the federal Treasury. Daily mail delivery could be threatened within a year, officials say.

Out of the main stream

I'm not sure this is quite the big deal the TV people seem to think it is:

Disney's ABC network will become the first broadcast network to stream its shows live online through an ongoing service, starting with viewers of its TV stations in New York and Philadelphia on May 14 and expanding to its other stations by the end of the summer.

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Now, this is really sexting

Brave new world:

BLOOMIINGTON - Indiana University researchers have re-released a smartphone application that allows people to report their sexual behaviors after taking steps to protect users' privacy.

IU said in a news release Wednesday that it has released the free Kinsey Reporter app. University attorneys had pulled the plug on it last September.