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Throw him a (land) line

Snooze alarm

Been there, done that:

For the first time in 39 years, folksy weather guru Al Roker, who is up most days before the rooster crows, missed an early-morning talk-show slot today -- because he overslept.

Have I got a deal for you!

Death by cell phone

I knew I'd come to rely more and more on my smartphone, but I didn't realize how dependent I'd become on it until one day this week when I got home for lunch and realized I didn't have it. Looked all over the house, looked in the car, looked in the office when I got back to work. I finally did find it -- it had slipped out of my pants pocket and down beside the driver's seat. Whew! That was three hours of near panic.

Notes from the revolution

It's not like this is anything new, but seeing it again is depressing anyway. From the latest Gallup poll:

PRINCETON, NJ -- Television is the main place Americans say they turn to for news about current events (55%), leading the Internet, at 21%. Nine percent say newspapers or other print publications are their main news source, followed by radio, at 6%.

Stay-at-home reps

It's here, so deal with it

Smile, you're on my phone

The question of the day: Is the digital camera dead? And the obvious answer is, You betcha:

A new market just opened up

At least somebody's thinking ahead -- way ahead:

NEW YORK (AP) — PayPal wants to explore space — or at least begin to figure out how payments and commerce will work beyond Earth's realm once space travel and tourism take off.

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You say you want a revolution?

The same fragmentation we've seen in television is coming to radio, too:

When Wi-Fi hits the car, or whatever type of cheap Internet access deploys in automobiles, Sirius XM will be challenged too. Right now, Sirius XM’s Internet play is laughable.