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Quite the event

OK, class, your new word of the day is "eventize":

NEW YORK (AP) -- One day into the annual week where television's biggest networks reveal their future programming plans and it was clear what the buzzword was going to be: Eventize.

In touch


A study released today reveals new statistics about cellphone theft, including that one in 10 Americans have been victims of phone theft.

Hey, what's the news?

Boy, what a bunch of whiny malcontents we are:

American journalists have become increasingly dissatisfied with their work and see the industry moving in the wrong direction, a new survey shows.

Gonna head off you troublemakers

Don't know what you're thinking, but I'm pretty sure you're up to no good, so I just might do something about it. Here's Karrem Abdul-Jabbar on the "finger-wagging olympics" surrounding Donald Sterling's racist whines to his mistress/girlfriend.whatever:

Cheap at twice the price

Well, that's one way to do it:

Who says print journalism is dead? Whoever the naysayers are, they forgot to tell the owners of Corriere della Sera, Italy’s leading national newspaper, which will deliver 20m free copies of the daily on a single day in May.

Bundle me, baby

Money talks

An interesting story about how our spending habits are going to change:

Imagine it’s 2040.

You go to the grocery store, and when you look for the checkout counter there is none. There’s no place to pay for your groceries because you already did.

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This just in

This "Key Indicators in Media & News Report" from the folks at Pew shows how news consumption changed in 2013 and has lots of tidbits about which we can endlessly speculate. Cable news audience -- declined; are we getting tired of the partisan shouting? Local TV news -- new signs of life, and network news viewership increased, too; are we trying to find our commonality again? Newspaper readership -- up 3 percent daily and 1.6 percent Sunday; woo-hoo!

Robot news

Looks like I'm being obsoleted:

Professor of Computer Science Dr. Kristian Hammond predicts that by 2030, 90 per cent of all news stories will be written not by human reporters but by computer algorithms.


If you're already skeptical about the stuff you read on Wikipedia, here's another reason to approach the site with caution:

Feminist groups at more than a dozen universities are planning to participate in another mass “edit Wikipedia day,” because the free, volunteer encyclopedia website is obviously horribly sexist.

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