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Saturday October 25, 2014
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A little gun angst

A historic moment

The Lightworker

I try not to write anything too gushy about somebody I like or too mean about somebody I don't, especially if they're realatively new on the scene. Unfolding events might illustrate the error of my thinking, and I wouldn't want to be too embarrassed about something I've put out there on the record. I wonder if Mark Medford ot the Huffington Post is a little bit embarrassed by what he wrote in 2008 about Barack Obama:

Dead wrong

This is the best argument against the death penalty, stemming from the one thing people on all sides of the debate should be concerned about:

CORSICANA, Tex. — For more than 20 years, the prosecutor who convicted Cameron Todd Willingham of murdering his three young daughters has insisted that the authorities made no deals to secure the testimony of the jailhouse informer who told jurors that Willingham confessed the crime to him.

The short, mild summer

They have go to be kidding:

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – The area is on track for our coolest summer since 2009, but that’s leaving some people with seasonal depression, CBS 2’s Cindy Hsu reported.

Posted in: Current events

War crimes

This is how insane the United Nations has become:

Both barrels

From Michael Bloomberg's group, quite possibly the dumbest anti-gun ad you will ever see:

It's downright baffling, isn't it?

No right, just rules

Say, if I didn't know better, I'd think the Washington Post was in the tank for the administration: "Hundreds of rules passed by Obama administration are technically illegal.

Pee c


EVANSTON, ILL. – Northwestern University will offer “gender-open restrooms” to its students this fall.

“We are trying to be responsive to the needs of all of our students and to be inclusive,” campus spokesman Bob Rowley said in an email to The College Fix. “This is becoming a common occurrence on campuses across the U.S.”

Out of the anthill

A fascinating look at Vietnam today by an observant and articulate journalist:

The VA mess

The commentariat is wetting its pants because the Senate was able to cross that evil, old partisan divide and reach a bipartisan agreement to help the VA:


Yeah, me, too:

Washington (CNN) – During an awards ceremony at the White House, President Barack Obama whispered in the ear of superstar musician Linda Ronstadt that he once had a crush on her.

Animal rescue

An interesting dilemma of the modern age: How far should we go to save our pets?

A libertarian divide

Another fine mess

Well, just who do you think made it a mess? Madeleine Albright on "Face the Naiton":


". . . There are things that are going on that need understanding and explanation but to put it mildly, the world is a mess.”

You expect me to say the mess was caused by liberal progressives like Albright and Barack Obama who think a strong United States is the problem rather than the solution, so, of course, I will.

Poor for a week

This stunt has gone way beyond tiresome:

Former Ohio governor Ted Strickland ran out of money and walked instead of taking taxis. Rep. Mark Takano of California tweeted a picture of the black beans and rice he ate for dinner, while Rep. Tim Ryan of Ohio learned buying pizza and fast food aren’t good choices when every dollar counts.

He said, they said

Today's exercise in missing the point . . .


Oh, for God's sake: Paul Ryan's Plan: Rebooting Compassionate Conservatism:

The ex-VP candidate has been touring the country has he formulates an anti-poverty plan Republicans can get behind. Now he’s unveiling some of the details.

[. . .]

Dark Side companions

Talk to me

I'm the type who lurks in the corner at parties and reads to avoid eye contact in waiting rooms, so I can relate to this:

Determined not to make eye contact with anyone on the subway? You’re not alone, but our commutes would be happier if we socialized more, according to a new study.