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Tuesday September 2, 2014
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OK, your kid first
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Rich and content

They always say I'd be miserable if I won the lottery because the sudden and unearned wealth would overwhelm me. Turns out they're lying weasels:

It has taken a few decades, but that research has finally been done. The findings are good news for those who hit the jackpot — and for the rest of us who want to get off that hedonic treadmill.

Vietnam redux

I generally agree with the critics of President Obama's "egg-timer strategy" in drawing down troops in Afghanistan:

The only thing that should inform the decision are conditions on the ground: The capacity of the Taliban to wage war and the capabilities of the Afghan national security forces to wage war right back at them.

Let's pretend

Brothers and sisters in arms

President Flat Foot

So what should we talk about today? The president's foreigh policy?

President Obama is proud of ending America's foreign wars, but there is a growing chorus of criticism of a foreign policy that to some looks vapid and weak.

Or how about his domestic agenda?

A week suggestion

Posted in: Current events

Go forth and multiply

Oh, thank God; I was soooo worried about this: Having kids probably won't destroy the planet.

Several friends and academic colleagues vocally opt not to have kids in order to “save the planet.” To them, population numbers are a simple input and output equation in which more people create more problems. Thankfully, it takes more than math to understand the mechanisms that shift the balance of life on Earth.

Self-defense-free zones

When the Chipotle chain announced its intended gun ban by saying the sight of law-abiding citizens carrying guns caused customers "anxiety and discomfort," Breitbart News reacted with this:

The doctor is in

We've all heard about prison inmates getting things a lot of law-abiding Americans can't afford, such as a college education. This little nugget is especially galling:

Al Qaeda detainees get better medical treatment than our veterans.

Say what?

About ready to shrug

Same old, dreary same old:

Two days after defeating tea party challenger Matt Bevin, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell announced that he would no longer stand with Rand.

Ayn Rand, that is.

Is the tea party over?

The Republican Party was the big winner in Tuesday's primaries, because safe establishment candidates beat out those tea party extremists, which means the GOP has a great shot at retaking the Senate in November. That's the gist of most of the analyses I've read anyway. This one from NBC's Chuck Todd is typical:

See ya, Eric

Holy cow. Is it possible someone in the Obama administration is actually going to held accountable for something?

Talking the talk

Judge advocates

Remember the main reason given for the proposed amendment to the Indiana constitution banning gay marriage? It was that it would bebetter than the state's a;ready-existing law banning same because a judge could come along and invalidate the law. A constitutional ban would be more permanent.

Well, tell that to the good citizens of Oregon:

And don't spit, either

If you go to Brighton, Mich., better watch your !@#$% mouth:

Quite the event

OK, class, your new word of the day is "eventize":

NEW YORK (AP) -- One day into the annual week where television's biggest networks reveal their future programming plans and it was clear what the buzzword was going to be: Eventize.

My way

OK, this whole "Oooh, look at us, we're so proud to be open-minded" stuff has officially gotten completely out of hand:

NEW YORK (CBSMiami/AP) — After 40-years of the slogan “Have It Your Way,” Burger King is scrapping it in favor of the more personal “Be Your Way.”

The ignorance defense

Children, believe!

What an awful, awful thing to tell graduating seniors:

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (AP) -- Secretary of State John Kerry urged Yale University graduates on Sunday to keep faith in government's ability to break gridlock, even as many problems remain unsolved.

MERS attacks!

Oh, my God, we're all going to die!

NEW YORK (AP) -- Health officials reported Saturday what appears to be the first time that a mysterious Middle East virus has spread from one person to another in the United States.