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Wednesday September 17, 2014
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OK, your kid first

I know what you're thinking

Posted in: Science

White House to Poor House

Hillary Clinton to Diane Sawyer of ABC:

Well, if you -- you have no reason to remember, but we came out of the White House not only dead broke, but in debt. We had no money when we got there and we struggled to, you know, piece together the resources for mortgages for houses, for Chelsea's education, you know, it was not easy.

Aww, poor babies.

Your check ain't in the mail

Dear lady in front of me at the grocery store: No one writes checks anymore.

The usage of checks as a payment system has plummeted in the U.S. in recent years. In 2000, checks were used in more than 40 billion transactions, according to a recent report from the Federal Reserve’s Cash Products Office. That number is down to less than 20 billion, according to the Fed’s most recent numbers, which are based on a survey conducted in October 2012.

Posted in: All about me

That swap

The "leave no man behind" defense of that swap:

Retired Gen. Stanley McChrystal on Wednesday urged Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s critics not to “judge” him until all the facts are in and sharply defended the extensive and risky search efforts that claimed the lives of some of his fellow soldiers.

Weak was the goal

These poll results are dismaying but shouldn't really be surprising:

A majority of voters say the Obama administration is less competent than Bill Clinton’s and a plurality say it is less competent than George W. Bush’s according to a new Fox News poll released Wednesday.

The car lift

Idle thoughts

I will leave it to those of you in the liberal/progressive camp to point out the wackiest comments from the right -- go for it, fair game. But It's part of my calling to seek out the looniest from the left. And some days I don't even have to look that hard. Today, there was both this:

Shots rang out

Yikes. The first three items in our Police Briefs roundup yesterday are about people being shot while minding their own business. One man was shot in the leg while standing in his driveway. Another was shot in the foot while walking on the sidewalk. And this one:

A girl was shot in the leg as she was sleeping early Sunday in the top bunk bed in her southeast Fort Wayne home.

[. . .]

Another walk-back

Well, that didn't take long:

HOUSTON (AP) — The National Rifle Association has rolled back an earlier statement criticizing "open carry" rallies in Texas in which gun rights advocates have brought military-style assault rifles into public places.

Another walk-back

Well, that didn't take long:

HOUSTON (AP) — The National Rifle Association has rolled back an earlier statement criticizing "open carry" rallies in Texas in which gun rights advocates have brought military-style assault rifles into public places.

How they carry on

Gun-control advocates sometimes ask if the NRA will always have a "never give an inch" attitude or whether there is something so extreme even that group would speak out. Well, now we know: Asking gun owners to show a little restraint does not violate the spirit of the Second Amendment:

Aww, what a cute little hurricane you are, Missy

I know I've called attention to a lot of frivolous research here, but this just may be the silliest study yet:

People don’t take hurricanes as seriously if they have a feminine name and the consequences are deadly, finds a new groundbreaking study.

Not cool

The Say Anything Party

The Indiana Republican Party will draft its 2014 platform when its state convention is held here later this week, and, thank goodness, it doesn't look like it will have a rigid ideological agenda that will require me to do something hard, like decide where I stand on the issues. At least that's my take based on the comments of Allen County GOP Chairman Steve Shine:


"Apostate" in the political sense is just a fancy word for "traitor," although I suppose that's too strong a label for people who've never had any core beliefs in the first place:

Work, work, work

Gay dollars

Most studies need to be taken with a grain of salt. This one needs a whole shaker full:

The true religion

The religion of climate change explained:

The sky is always falling. If the new ice age doesn’t do us in, the ozone hole will. The instant DDT is banned, aerosols must follow. Global warming is replaced by climate change is replaced by “global weirding.”

The golden age

Stop all the hand-wringing, journalists. Things are actually looking pretty good:

But I would argue that maybe it’s not that bad, that maybe all the things that people have savaged the Internet for — speed, carelessness, chaos, the destruction of the daily newspaper — are actually creating a golden age for journalism.

[. . .]