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Opening Arguments

Power trip

When he's right he's right -- President Obama said something about the NSA that I entirely agree with:

He gasped and choked

He had an owie, and then he died:

LUCASVILLE, Ohio — It wasn’t the terrifying, brutal death he inflicted on his 22-year-old victim in 1989, but Dennis McGuire did not go quietly yesterday.

McGuire struggled, made guttural noises, gasped for air and choked for about 10 minutes before succumbing to a new, two-drug execution method at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility near Lucasville.

A sad goodbye

Rotten to the core

Question of the day: Do you really want to give control of education over to the same people who have, in a single year, all but destroyed the American health care system? Here's George Will, on the growing opposition to Common Core:

Warmed-over Chinese

Juxtaposition of the day. First, the dawn of a new season in China:

BEIJING (AP) -- Beijing's skyscrapers receded into a dense gray smog Thursday as the capital saw the season's first wave of extremely dangerous pollution, with the concentration of toxic small particles registering more than two dozen times the level considered safe.

Bad baby

Now, this is funny: Big, bad New Yorkers getting the pee scared out of them by a baby"

How do you go about promoting a horror movie about a devil child? There are all the usual routes--TV ads, billboards, websites, trailers--but perhaps the best way to convey the spirit of the film is to actually scare the living hell out of people with an actual devil baby.

The family plan


Indiana's juvenile detention centers have been enlisted in a study exploring whether incarcerated youths' behavior can be improved by increasing their visits with relatives.

Says it all

My favorite cartoon this week:

The red state front lines

While we've been duking it out in Indiana over whether to move our gay marriage ban from the law to the state constitution, judges in Utah and Oklahoma have ruled those states' limiting marriage to opposite-sex couples violates the U.S. Constitution on equal protection grounds. The language and the reasoning used have become pretty standard in eliminating "moral disapproval" as a rationale for laws:

Tool time

I've written often about how useful -- indispensable, even -- our smart phones have become in just a few short years. This says it much better:

A well-educated time traveller from 1914 enters a room divided in half by a curtain. A scientist tells him that his task is to ascertain the intelligence of whoever is on the other side of the curtain by asking whatever questions he pleases.

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This is how I lean

Quarter for your thoughts

Kinda scary:

Illustrating once again how many Americans’ knowledge of the Bill of Rights is virtually non-existent, Californians signed a petition to repeal the Third Amendment and allow U.S. troops to commandeer their homes.

The unbelievable footage was captured recently in California by activist prankster Mark Dice, a regular Infowars contributor.


We just got thrown under the omnibus:

Congressional negotiators unveiled a $1.1 trillion funding bill late Monday that would ease sharp spending cuts known as the sequester while providing fresh cash for new priorities, including President Obama’s push to expand early-childhood education.

Change to believe in

Sillier and sillier all the time. House Democrats have released a resolution saying that climate change could lead impoverished women to turn to prostitution:

“[I]nsecure women with limited socioeconomic resources may be vulnerable to situations such as sex work, transactional sex, and early marriage that put them at risk for HIV, STIs, unplanned pregnancy, and poor reproductive health,” it says.


It's hard to know how seriously to take Robert Gates' book about his time as secretary of defense. People who write tell-all books have their axes to grind, and we have to consider their observations in the context of the times and our own sense of the way things were. What we tend to do is read our own predispositions into such memoirs. Critics of President Obama will like the book, Obama acolytes not so much.

A fair shot

Alaska State Rep. and Vietnam veteran Bob Lynn wants to lower the drinking age from 21 to 18 for active-duty service members, using the rationale that "if you can get shot at, you can have a shot." Should Republicans get on that particualr bandwagon?

17 times

Yeah, yeah, I know, some people find it tiresome the way those of us on the right prattle on about the liberal bias of the press. But, come on, seriously?

15 percent

Geez. The number of Americans self-identifying as conservative (38 percent) is much greater than the number self-identifying as liberal (23 percent), according to a recent Gallup poll. But this is the headline Gallup put on the announcement of the results:

Liberal self-identification edges up to new high in 2913.

Yeah, it shot all the way up from 22 percent last year. Boy, that's some surge.

Pot prisoners

At first glance, this doesn't seem right, and yet . . .

You'd have to be living under a rock to not know about what's happening in Colorado - it's marijuana mayhem! Weed has finally become legal for retail sale in that state, and more might follow. And yet, there are still hundreds of marijuana convicts sitting in jail.

And apparently, not granting "retroactive ameliorative relief" is official policy.


Saaay, are they trying to sneak this one by us?

INDIANAPOLIS – A committee of lawmakers will hold a hearing next week on the controversial same-sex marriage ban being discussed in the Indiana General Assembly.