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Current events

Growing pains

Would Franklin Roosevelt approve of Social Security as it exists today? The question might seem absurd at first, writes Robert Samuelson, but consider that Roosevelt envisioned a contributory pension plan, because a "pay-as-you-go" plan would creater huge debts or much higher taxes as the number of retirees expanded. But that's exactly where he are today:

Violent times

This is shocking:

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — A report showing that Indiana females in grades nine through 12 have the nation’s second-highest rate of forced sex is spurring calls for more education and prevention efforts.


Nope. 'Fraid not:

The case of a Marine who is facing discharge for posting disparaging comments about President Obama on Facebook has renewed a debate about free speech rights for members of the military.

In it to lose it

Over the years, I've interviewed a number of political candidates who could only be described as delusional. They were running in races they had zero chance of winning yet insisted they were committed to working hard and being the first one ever to defy the odds. And these haven't just been third-party windmill tilters. There were also the Democrats and Republicans running in districts in which their parties seldom or never won and pretending that they have a legitmate shot.

Shape of things to come

How depressing might your average newspaper journalist find this piece? Here's a clue: It's titled "When Losers Write History," which is adapted from a chapter in the book, "Will the Last Reporter Please Turn out the Lights: The Collapse of Journalism and What Can Be Done To Fix It."

Bear-faced lies

"Climate change is destroying the planet so let's all feel guilty!" update:

The debate about climate change and its impact on polar bears has intensified with the release of a survey that shows the bear population in a key part of northern Canada is far larger than many scientists thought, and might be growing.


Godless patriots

I don't get this at all:


A Massachusetts elementary school has dropped plans for students to sing songs at a school presentation after parents objected to a change in the lyrics of a popular patriotic song.

Thanks, Mitt

Imagine that -- a Republican politician who doesn't complain about the "mainstream media":

Mitt Romney lamented the absence of editors for “quality control” from new media on Wednesday, and noted that Twitter now provides "instantaneous reaction" to the presidential campaign.

Good sign

Visible signs with street addresses on the buildings -- what a concept!


Indiana University is replacing building signs around the sprawling Bloomington so that they are friendlier to those trying to get around by using GPS devices.

Such devices and online mapping services rely on street addresses, but most IU campus buildings have had no visible addresses to guide visitors.