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Today's mystery

Watch your wallets

Hey, I've had my "Read my lips" moment with a president I thought could be trusted on taxes. Now you Democrats enjoy yours, hear?

No way to start a honeymoon

This was the silliest story I saw while catching up on my news reading at the end of vacation:

You've dreamed of this day. Your life partner is there, your family and friends have gathered from far and wide, and all that's left to do before you share that first married kiss is say: I do(nate).

The real deal


Do not be looking for one of these on either of my cats:

Some of the stuff the Barack Obama campaign is selling to raise money for the re-election effort is pretty unusual.

They would like you to get your pets involved with the campaign by offering doggie sweaters and “I Meow for Michelle” cat collars.

War wounds

The War on Coal is going very nicely, thank you, and it looks like Indiana will be one of the early  casualties:

Last week the U.S. Energy Information Administration reported a shocking drop in power sector coal consumption in the first quarter of 2012. Coal-fired power plants are now generating just 36 percent of U.S. electricity, versus 44.6 percent just one year ago. 

Crackdown smackdown

The blogosphere is buzzing about Penn Gillette's smackdown  of admitted pot smoker Barack Obama's hypocrisy in now seeking to crack down on the buying and selling of medical marijuana:

Do we believe, even for a second, that if Obama had been busted for marijuana -- under the laws that he condones -- would his life have been better?"

Hope and change

Day 1 of the rest of our lives:

Like it. It's negative in the sense that it criticizes Obama, but just his policies, and positive in its message. Not exactly "shining city on a hill," but it'll do.

Pot, kettle, etc.

A fund-raising request from Citizens United, ostensibly over the signature of former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee has raised such a stink that Huckabee is disavowing it and Citizens United tried to back away. I thought it was pretty colorful, though, in a guttersnipe sort of way.

President Obama has surrounded himself with morally repugnant political whores with misshapen values and gutter-level ethics," the letter says.

A say on gay

Poor Barack Obama -- he wasn't able to be the first black president because Bill Clinton took that title. But, now, thanks to Newsweek magazine, he gets his own title: "The First Gay President":

I have always sensed that he intuitively understands gays and our predicament—because it so mirrors his own. And he knows how the love and sacrifice of marriage can heal, integrate, and rebuild a soul.