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Politics and other nightmares

Nothing in writing

It was bad enough that President Obama decided to call a deal with Iran "an agreement" instead of a treaty to get around that pesky problem of congressional consent. Now there is this:

Bald, baby, bald

True believer

Bringing out the big guns

Not a people person

Race is over

Starbucks is apparently ending its silly  Race Together campaign in which people who can get only service jobs attempt to engage us in serious conversation, so guess we can go back to enjoying our high-price coffee in peace:

You may be a left-wing knucklehead if…

Ted's Tweet

Oh, wow, what a stunner! I mean,who could have expected this bombshell announcement from Ted Cruz?

I'm running for President and I hope to earn your support.

So let's wait a bit

Vote! he commanded

Just when you think President Obama couldn't possibly be any more extreme, he gives another signal of  how deep his totalitarian instincts go:


How do we offset the influence of big money in politics while fixing the country's abysmal voter turnout rate?

A scary thought