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Blowing cold and hot

Ah, journalistic geniuses at work:

Time magazine, 1974: "Clobal Cooling" Causes "Circumpolar Vortex."

Time magazine, 2014: "Global Warming" Causes "Polar Vortex."

When politics and science mix to form a new religion, the press is there to preach the gospel and curse the heretics.

Get your pope hat on

I was sort of expecting Time magazine to name Edward Snowden its Person of the Year, so I was mildly surprised when the non went to Pope Francis. But of course the editors weren't really honoring the pope. They were just trying to sell to us the pope they wanted to see:

God's will

Pat Robertson is getting stranger and stranger:

Televangelist Pat Robertson on Wednesday struggled to understand why homosexuality was no longer considered a mental illness, but said that he approved of gender reassignment surgery.

Merry fortnight

My libertarian instincts kick in against edicts such as this, but on another level it's quite pleasing:


This isn't just common sense (from Australia, alas, not our own government). It's calling out the scoundrels and charlatans for who they really are:

That's some pause

The only thing we know for certain is that we can't know anything for certain. Unless, of course, you're one of those reality deniers:

The 17-year pause in global warming is likely to last into the 2030s and the Arctic sea ice has already started to recover, according to new research.

A poster, boy

Posted in: Religion

Let's pray to the Halloween god

Oh, for God's sake:

A decision to cancel Halloween celebrations at an elementary school in Montgomery County is stirring controversy among some parents.

Parents received a letter Tuesday from the principal at Inglewood Elementary School.

[. . .]

Well, it's been fun

I'll bet some of you haven't even packedyet:

The musician-turned-activist reckons the world will end in 2030 - leading to the extinction of humankind.

Sir Bob, 61, based his miserable prediction on the effects of climate change.

“The world can decide in a fit of madness to kill itself," he told a group of youngsters at a summit in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Let's meet and pray to nobody