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Good look

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Take th

Indiana University has demonstrated how to beat the rap: Slap your own wrist, then no one else will have to:

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Fan attack

Don't you hate a certain kind of snitch? Not the witness who cooperates with police and helps bring a criminal to justice. Not the whistleblower who brings government corruption to light. I mean the petty kind of snitch who does it out of pure meanness. The goody two-shoes who was always running to the principal's office. The office troublemaker who listens in on conversations, then tattles to the boss. The neighbor who tries to win a running dispute by calling code enforcment.

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John Madden's Disease

Does John Madden really say anything? I don't mean ever -- he always has interesting thoughts on football, as here, where he talks about what it was like to coach a lot of characters on the Oakland team:

A real stinker

The headline on columnist Bob Kravitz's take on the Colt's game says it all: "A game so putrid even the unflappable coach got angry":

And notable because these kinds of games just don't happen to the Colts. This team has won 12 games or more five seasons in a row. Now they have three losses. And it's hard to escape the nagging feeling that there's something dramatically wrong with this group that can't or won't be fixed in due time.

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60 minutes

Memo to the Indianapolis Colts:

See, isn't it a lot more fun to play a whole game the way you played in the last quarter of the Houson game? Try to remember that if you make it to the playoffs.

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Lousy game, great five minutes

I don't know how I'd rank the Colts' comeback yesterday on a technical basis, but on the emotional-satisfaction level, it has to rank in my top five of all time. The team slid after its Super Bowl year, and this year looks to be even worse. So to see them go from being down 27-10 to winning 31-27 in the space of about five minutes was nothing less than exhilarating. It was especially welcome at the end of a very long week with nothing but diaster after disaster coming from Washington.

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My reaction to the Wizards foofaraw was probably the same as a lot of other people's: The TinCaps is a pretty silly name, but the logo is awesome.

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Screwed again

Still paying off a building after it's torn down. Only government would have the audacity to do something so breathtakingly irrsponsible:

INDIANAPOLIS -- Indianapolis leaders on Wednesday did what a homeowner could never legally do -- demolish a building while the mortgage is still unpaid.


A toast to the team

This will go over well:

Mayor Richard Daley said today the city will ask bars near Chicago's baseball stadiums to voluntarily cut off alcohol sales after the seventh inning of home games where the Cubs or White Sox could clinch a playoff series.

While other city officials cautioned that they had yet to discuss the plan with bar owners, the mayor said it was a no-brainer.

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