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Snooze alarm

Been there, done that:

For the first time in 39 years, folksy weather guru Al Roker, who is up most days before the rooster crows, missed an early-morning talk-show slot today -- because he overslept.

Give me whiner for $2,000, Alex

I swear, the media can gin up a phony controversy over the stupidest things:

NEWTOWN -- Newtown eighth-grader Thomas Hurley III was thrilled to be chosen as a contestant on the Kids Week episode of the television game show "Jeopardy!" that was filmed in February and aired this week.

Bet she knows some power chords

Gadzooks, it's Walker, Indiana Ranger!

Before Indiana became a state in 1816, territorial Gov. William Henry Harrison organized the Indiana Rangers in 1807 to safeguard the Buffalo Trace — the main travel route between Louisville, Ky., and Vincennes, Ind.

Idiot's delight

Sorry, Chris, but I don't accept you as my spokesman:

Chris Matthews spoke for “all white people” today, and apologized for unspecified transgressions committed by them.


Look, I only catch parts of "Wheel of Fortune" occasionally because it precedes my must-watch "Jeopardy!" OK? No, really. Honest.

Anyway, last's night's bonus round was way beyond cool. If you didn't see it, I won't spoil it by revealing the outcome, except to say that (hint, hint) it's only the second time it's happened in the show's history. How she figured out the last puzzle with so few letters visible will remain a mystery.


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Still Jeannie, still dreaming

The best-looking 78-year-old you'll see today, I bet:

Man, did I have a crush on her -- she was my first TV sweetie. And let's pretend that was in reruns, not the first run, OK?

Out of the main stream

I'm not sure this is quite the big deal the TV people seem to think it is:

Disney's ABC network will become the first broadcast network to stream its shows live online through an ongoing service, starting with viewers of its TV stations in New York and Philadelphia on May 14 and expanding to its other stations by the end of the summer.

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If the shoe fits . . .

This ad seems to be all over TV lately, at least during the programming I watch. Hhave you seen it? I swear, this is the biggest collection of silly, "look at me, ain't I purty" empty-headed twits you're likely to see this year. I recommend it as highly amusing for those depressed souls who need a little lift.


I remember having a mildly rough day on the job at the Wabash Plain Dealer. In college -- both for classes and assignments for the Ball State Daily News -- it was one story at a time. You got one assignment, you turned it in, you got another one. On my first day at the Plain Dealer, I was given four stories to work on at about 8:30 in the morning and told I had till the noon deadline to finish them. I remember getting them all done -- luckily, they all required only phone-call sourcing, no trips of the office -- but I felt like I could have done a better job on them.