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Opening Arguments

Born free

Public nuisance

Officials in a lot of towns would like to stick it to Walmart. One Indiana mayor has found a creative way to do it:

Oil and water

You say it's science. I say it's meddling, overbearing government using whatever wedge it can find:

Oil and water

You say it's science. I say it's meddling, overbearing government using whatever wedge it can find:


12 for a penny

Ah, memories:

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (AP) - Millions of baby boomers’ music memories connect to Terre Haute.

Viva Cuba

Alrighty then, let's get us a stash of them Cuban cigars and ice up the Cuba libras before somebody changes his mind:

 Secretary of State John Kerry is in Cuba on Friday to raise the flag above the U.S. Embassy for the first time in 54 years.

Hog wild

My favorite story of the week:

 The object of the competition is for the team to wrestle the muddy, slippery pig into the barrel in the shortest amount of time.

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Going to pot

Marijuana is one of the issues on which the Republican presidential contenders are going against the tide of public opinion. Although some of the candidates are flexible when it comes to medical marijuana, each of the candidates opposes full legalization. In a recent survey, 53 percent of Americans said they support legalization, compared with 44 percent who were opposed:

Getting your $17,855 worth?

Flag burning

Yes, please, take down that awful racist flag. No, not the Confederate flag. The other one. You know the one I'm talking about:

Good buddies

Another thing to like about Carly Fiorina -- she's lashing out at "crony capitalism," the corrupt system in which business' success is based on a close relationship with government, a corruption too many Republicans and Democrats alike are infected with. A recent example from someone I like overall, Scott Walker:

Strange season

This strangest political season ever just keeps chugging along:

Thousands of outraged Donald Trump supporters have signed a petition to ban Fox News host Megyn Kelly from moderating any future GOP debates.

The petition, which was posted Aug. 7, has since received more than 50,000 signatures.

My mom the jailer

One of the coolest "take your kids to work" experiences ever:

 GREENFIELD, Ind. (AP) — Few people who have stayed a night in a county jail have a desire to return and reminisce on their experiences. But for Phyllis Anderson, the old brick building at 27 American Legion Place conjures up fond family memories.

Witless in Seattle

Seattle is at it again:

 The Seattle City Council this week unanimously approved a “gun violence tax” and a measure to require reporting of lost or stolen firearms.

Of course the issue was slavery

You know the argument that the Civil War was really not about slavery -- slavery was just the spark that set off the war, but each side was really figthing about something else , a commitment to states' rights in the South, a desire to preserve the nation in the North. West Point historian Ty Seidule begs to differ:

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Sleeping with the enemy

Good question: Wounded vet asks, "Why are we making nuclear deals with a country that tried to kill me?"

I do or die

A judge's creative sentencing results in a marriage I'm betting want be a happy ever after one:

Off Target

Target gets an attack of the gender-equality stupids:

 Next time you’re in Target, don’t bother looking for “boys bedding” or “girls building sets.” That’s because they are being removed so that the sensibilities of some of their customers won’t be disturbed.