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What's that funny buzzing sound?


For the "would be funny if it weren't scary" file:

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- The man drew the gun several times on the crowded San Francisco commuter train, with surveillance video showing him pointing it across the aisle without anyone noticing and then putting it back against his side, according to authorities.

Party like it's 1986!

Talk about brave souls:

If you ever need to know who was the prime minister in 1960 and you’re willing to wait 10 minutes for the answer, Blair McMillan is your man.

He’ll take his time carefully thumbing through a volume of his vintage encyclopaedia set, donated by a bewildered soul who probably wondered why the 26-year-old father of two couldn’t just get an Internet connection.

Digital suicide

Will the last one leaving please turn out the lights before you go? Oh, wait, that could be me:

This could be the final blow to paper and ink news: Reporters graduating out of journalism school and headed to work at newspapers and magazines don't read print media, with over seven of 10 choosing digital news and social media websites instead, the highest number ever, according to an authoritative new study.

Facing our sadness

Jaded youth

Throw him a (land) line

Snooze alarm

Been there, done that:

For the first time in 39 years, folksy weather guru Al Roker, who is up most days before the rooster crows, missed an early-morning talk-show slot today -- because he overslept.

Have I got a deal for you!

Death by cell phone

I knew I'd come to rely more and more on my smartphone, but I didn't realize how dependent I'd become on it until one day this week when I got home for lunch and realized I didn't have it. Looked all over the house, looked in the car, looked in the office when I got back to work. I finally did find it -- it had slipped out of my pants pocket and down beside the driver's seat. Whew! That was three hours of near panic.