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Opening Arguments

Will isn't free, but it's reasonable

Religious fanatics who hate Western culture and think any violence done to us is God's will. Al-Qaida? No, unfortunately, home-grown nuts; but it's hard to tell the difference, isn't it?

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Shut up, or everbody will want one

A lot of people will be making fun of this family, but can you imagine the anguish, the trauma, the sheer horror: "The suit said until the incident, green beans had been the Douglass family's favorite vegetable. Now, it said, 'they have lost the desire to ever eat green beans again.' " That ought to be worth at least a million bucks.

Sweetheart, get me rewrite

You can't trust anything you read on-line, because bloggers are just a bunch of nerds in pajamas, typing away in the middle of the night without editors or fact-checkers. Newspapers and TV news operations are arrogant elitists still trying to filter information for people who want to decide for themselves what's important.

We all have property blights

A General Assembly study committee on emient domain will have a hearing next week in Indianapolis. The committee was formed before the Supreme Court's outrageous Kelo decision, which pretty much gave government carte blanche to take private property and turn it over to other private interests. At least Indiana property owners have an advantage over those in some states: Our property has to be declared "blighted" for it to be taken.

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Health care on Cruise control

Until every last severely mentally ill person in this country is on vitamin therapy instead of deluding themselves that medication and psychiatric care will help, I feel I must keep you up-to-date on the antics of Tom Cruise and his fellow, fun-loving Scientology madcaps. As the New York Post reveals, they're very civic-minded.

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Coming soon: One medium, on-line

This fascinating study shows that broadband Internet users watch TV two hours less a week than those who aren't connected. Some might say that on-line time isn't any more productive than boob-tube time, but it's at least not as passive. Such distinctions will mean less as the Internet becomes faster and encompasses both TV and movie watching, radio listening and who knows what else. Interestingly, Internet use seems to slightly affect the time people spend reading but not the time they spend listening to the radio.

Global struggle against verbal obfuscation

President Bush has asserted himself over the gobbledygook-pushing bureaucrats in the administration who have been trying to change the name of the War on Terror to the Global Struggle Against Violent Extremism.

Let's throw John a curve

More on Supreme Court nominee John Roberts' Indiana childhood, from a classmate at their Catholic prep school who recalls that Roberts once caused everyone else to get D's and F's by getting 100 percent on a test that was graded on the curve. And they still liked him!

Another dangerous criminal off the streets

Martha just had to get to that yoga class, so now she's got to do three more weeks in the joint. Of course, her joint is nicer than most of our joints. I could be a pretty good agoraphobic if I tried. I once spent a whole vacation week by stocking up on everything I'd need and never leaving the house once. Put an ankle bracelet on me and stick me in Martha's house, and I'd be happy for at least a year or two.

Thank God for Evian

Some people in northwest Indiana are under a "boil advisory." As I understand it, that doesn't mean that filthy, disgusting contaminants are in your water, only that they might be. The increasing likelihood of contaminants would probably lead to "boil watches" and "boil warnings." At any rate, in case it ever happens here, you should be prepared.

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The one and two-thirds bank

Fifth Third Bank doesn't operate in Fort Wayne, but it has a very visible presence in this part of the country, including Indianapolis. Every time I visit my mother and sister there, I see a Fifth Third branch and wonder where in the world the name came from. I've asked around from time to time, and the answer is usually something like "those are the streets the bank started on in Cincinnati." I finally looked it up, and the real answer is even more mundane, but interesting in its own way, as Cecil Adams points out.

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Bayh for Pres., wink wink, smirk smirk

If Evan Bayh doesn't run for president, he sure will have wasted a lot of time and effort. After schmoozing with Democrats in New Hampshire, he's now trying to gauge his appeal in Iowa. At least one writer picks him as the dark-horse candidate to take the Democratic nomination.

Our politically correct death wish

We have a letter to the editor in tonight's paper from James Loomis, who seems to understand what's at stake in the war against terror and some of the things we need to start doing about it.

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You got to know when to hold 'em ...

Just when you thought there couldn't possibly be one more controversy about gambling in Indiana, here comes the great Texas Hold 'Em confusion, brought to you by a state government that only knows one thing for sure about gambling: It's a safe bet for the state, but anybody who tries to muscle in on the state's territory had better watch out.

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Google smackdown

Here's how it works: Enter two words or phrases, then hit the "throw down!" button to see which one Google found on more Web pages. Just what you needed -- another great bar-bet enabler.

Posted in: Web/Tech

A Friend in need, indeed

Well, enough about the shuttle and terrorism and the death of that important guy over in the Mideast somewhere. Now we get to the really important stuff that we've all been waiting for:

"Am I lonely? Yes. Am I upset? Yes. Am I confused? Yes. Do I have my days when I've thrown a little pity party for myself? Absolutely. But I'm also doing really well."

Shocking, simply shocking.

Dear Dear Leader: Good job!

No wonder it's so scary thinking about confronting North Korea. They've got the smartest guy in the world as a leader (and loved by all his people), and we've got George Bush, who was barely able to get better college grades than John ("I served in Vietnam") Kerry.

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So long, mayor, and hello, McDonald's

We have an intriguing guest column on tonight's editorial page by Allen County Republican Chairman Steve Shine. I suspect he's mostly just yanking the city's chain -- if you read between the lines, he's more or less urging the county to call the city's bluff on its announced intentions to move out of the City-County Building. But if the city does follow through on that terrible plan, Shine's idea for making use of the resulting empty space is a good one.

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100,000 blog posters can't be wrong

Here's a scary little Web site, chosen by Yahoo as one of it's "best picks" last week. Let Yahoo explain:

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Her life is in your hands, Dick

Are we to now put reporters in the "we can dish it out, but we can't take it" camp? Helen Thomas certainly seems to belong there.

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