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Tailing the Komets

Fight, fight, fight

For once, there's not a whole lot going on, (and the other option was talking about the success of the penalty kill. Yawn) so I thought I'd ask what you want to talk about. Anyone got any ideas?

Today's fight story was interesting for me because it made me consider a couple of different things. 1. The lack of fighting in college and European hockey is having a bigger impact than I thought; and 2. Many players simply don't want to fight today so they just ignore that part of the game. They don't see the need to get involved.

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Frenchy update

X-ray results were negative and it's just a bruise. He'll miss Wednesday's game at Rockford but the Komets think there's a possibility St. Pierre might play next weekend.

"We dodged a bullet,'' Komets General Manager David Franke said. "He told me last night when he was shaving that he didn't think it was broken because it didn't hurt as bad as when he broke the other one.''

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Frenchy injured

Komets goaltender Kevin St. Pierre pulled himself
after the first period of Sunday's 3-2 shootout win over Motor City on Sunday
night with a bruised left catching hand. How significant the injury is won't be
determined until Monday afternoon, but St. Pierre moved very gingerly around the
locker room after the game, getting dressed and undressed with one hand while
trying to hold his injured hand out of the way.

St. Pierre suffered the injury at 8:07 of the first period on a goal by Motor CIty's Tom Kotsopoulos.

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Rumor central

I saw on intotheboards.net that somebody had posted a rumor that Andy  Bezeau had been talking with the Komets about a comeback, so I asked Komets General Manager David Franke about it. He said he hasn't talked to Andy in over two years.

The last time I talked to Andy, about two years ago also, he was helping his dad with his underwater welding company and loving  being a husband and father. He also had some pretty severe shoulder injuries from all the banging that would surely limit any comeback. He hasn't played since one game in 2000-01.

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Terribly sad news

League Mourns Passing of Adirondack Head Coach Marc Potvin

LAKE ST. LOUIS, MO--- On behalf of the United Hockey League (UHL), Adirondack Frostbite, and Kalamazoo Wings, it was announced that Adirondack Frostbite Head Coach Marc Potvin was found deceased this morning.

At this time, there will be no further information given until Kalamazoo Public Safety has completed their autopsy.

With this information, UHL Game #251, Adirondack @ Kalamazoo scheduled for 7:30 PM this evening has been postponed.

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I should be sleeping, but...

I was thinking about something today that I think is pretty cool. Even though this year has not been the best start, we've already seen something this year we've never seen before in Komets hockey, three-straight shutouts. That got me thinking of all the things I've gotten to see over the years from this team that I never thought I'd get to see. Such as:

* Two Game 7 OTs. That's incredibly lucky considering most fans go through their entire lives never seeing one. And we got to see the Komets win both of them, another miracle.

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I hate that guy

OK, since everybody seems to have had their say on the Worlton trade,  how about a new topic? We were talking about this in the newsroom yesterday while commenting on the death of Paul Tantardini. Who is the most-hated opposing player in Komets' history? Whose the guy past and present that you love to hate? Who can't you stand now or in the past but you'd love to see in a Komets' sweater? While we're at it, who do you think was like that to opponents while playing for the Komets?

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Startling numbers

One reason the Komets said they could trade Jeff Worlton was because fighting is down all over the league. I did some research, and was a little shocked to see the results:

Last year through 33 games, the Komets had been called for 39 fighting majors including 17 by Worlton on his way to a league-leading 34. This year through 33 games the Komets have been called for 31 fighting majors including nine by Jeff.

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Worlton traded

Needing to make a roster move to get down to the United Hockey League maximum before this weekend's games, the Fort Wayne Komets traded enforcer and UHL Komets penalty minute record holder Jeff Worlton on Wednesday to Roanoke for future considerations.

The Komets will be able to pick a player from a list provided by Roanoke before the UHL trade deadline of March 14

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Note and trivia

Alert reader Rick Longsworth sent me this which most old-time fans will find interesting. (You don't know how much it hurts me to call the early-80s "old-time.'') Paul Tantardini has passed away. For those who don't know him, imagine Jim Duhart or Kerry Toporowski times about 30, and that's how much Komets fans loved to hate Tantardini when he played with Toledo. He was perhaps the most-hated player on the Komets' biggest rival.

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Practice fodder

Left wing Brent Rumble returned to practice Tuesday after missing two months with a broken foot.

"It's a little rough,'' Rumble said. "I rode the bike every day, but it's not the same as skating. Hopefully I stayed in good enough shape off that ice that with some hard skating I'll be back soon.''

It didn't help that Rumble was wearing brand new skates which need to be broken in.

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All-star Komets

Defenseman Guy Dupuis and center Colin Chaulk are the only Komets named to compete in the UHL All-Star Game Jan. 25 in Missouri. The team was selected in a poll of media, general managers, coaches and team public relations managers and was announced today.

Chaulk leads the Komets in scoring with 35 points in 31 games, and Dupuis is third with 28 points in 33 games. He ranks fourth among all UHL defensemen in scoring.

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All-star announcements on Tuesday

The UHL is going to announce the rosters for the annual All-Star Game tomorrow afternoon. The game is Jan. 25 at Missouri. Komets who have been nominated are David Carptentier, Colin Chaulk, P.C. Drouin, Guy Dupuis, Rob Guinn and Kevin St. Pierre.

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Jorde is returning

Ryan Jorde has been released from his three-game tryout contract with Grand Rapids. He'll be back at practice tomorrow. The Komets sure could have used him on Sunday. How many times did Danbury crash the net without any problems? In three games with Grand Rapids last weekend Jorde had 2 penalty minutes and was minus-1.

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Anybody else have anything they want to add to that description of Sunday's game?

I thought so. Me neither, so I've got something else. Komets General Manager David Franke told me he is interested in acquiring forward Greg Koehler from Adirondack, but not for what the Frostbite is asking. Koehler is a 6-foot-2, 195-pound center who has not played this season, but Adirondack retains his rights. Koehler, who becomes a free agent on Jan. 20, scored 16 goals and 40 points in 31 games with Adirondack last year.

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Huge crowd expected

The Komets will have a large crowd tonight thanks to more than 3,000 tickets sold to groups over the summer. Hopefully everyone can get in on time because Danny Stewart for Danbury and Lance Galbraith for the Komets are in the starting lineup. They'll probably go within seconds of the opening faceoff. That's pretty funny considering they were best friends as teammates.

Here's a few other notes of note:

* The Komets have set a new UHL Komets record by killing off 35 consecutive power plays against. The previous record of 34 was set in 1999-2000.

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Something a little lighter

    In honor of Kevin breaking the UHL shutout record and the Komets' long history of great goaltending, you've got a winner-take-all game to play. Who of the former Komets goaltenders would you want in net for this one game?

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Talk amongst yourselves

Because I'm going to be out of town for a few days, I was wondering if you guys would help me understand something. I'm not trying to cut anybody down, but I'm trying to understand. Why do you think there are so many Komets fans with negative attitudes? Anybody got any theories? Is it a vocal minority? Are things really that bad? Any thoughts?

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Talking with Frenchy

I spent some time this week with Kevin St. Pierre for a story that's going to appear Tuesday, and he had some very interesting things to say about shutouts. He said he never thinks about them because you have to be lucky to get them, and he pointed out Quad City's 2-0 shutout of the Komets last week. Look how many posts we hit, he said. I remember a crossbar and two posts.

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A happy new year

The Komets whipped Roanoke 6-0. Playing with seven forwards and four defensemen, Roanoke never had a chance. The Komets looked sharp right from the opening faceoff as some new lines looked like they'd been together all season.

It kind of reminded me of the Komets/oldtimers vs. the Fire Department team this summer. The Komets had about double the talent on the ice, even though the Vipers played hard all night. They just didn't have enough manpower. As soon as the Komets got to 3-0, you could tell the Vipers just wanted to get the game over with and start the bus ride home.

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