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Tailing the Komets

On injured reserve

Komets General Manager David Franke just told me that forward Matt Hunter is out two-to-four weeks with a bruised chest suffered Friday in Flint.

There are a lot of banged up bodies on this team right now. They had an optional skate at McMillen today and only a few guys showed up. Everybody's still tired from the weekend.

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Down the stretch

There are 23 games left in the regular season. The Komets need to win 21 of those games to reach 50 for the third year in a row. They need 38 of a possible 46 points to reach 100.

Anyone think they can reach one or both of those?

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The perfect example

This is what we're talking about with the inconsistency in officiating. Saturday night 21 power plays. Sunday there were 10. Do you really think the Komets played that much differently? Granted, I didn't see the game, but I'm betting if you asked fans who were at both games which one they enjoyed more, they'd mostly say Sunday.

How can any league allow there to be such a disparity in what gets called like this in back-to-back nights? No wonder the players and coaches are confused.

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Impressive performance

Considering the Komets had to be whipped by playing 11 games in 18 days, and four in five days, Sunday's game was very impressive. They beat the team directly ahead of them in the standings on their own home ice. Motor City had been 7-3-0 in its last 10 games coming in so the Komets beat a very good team. Quad City also lost to fall further behind in the Western Division. About the only bad news is that Adironcack won so the Komets are still eight points behind the Frostbite for fifth overall.

The Komets can sure use a few days off.

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Lousy game

Guess I didn't realize fans are now paying to watch officials work. 21 power plays -- in two periods! Who is Derek Berkibile kidding? That's a disgrace. He must have developed a blister on his lip in the third period because he didn't call any penalties then. How is that in any way consistent? It's easy to understand why the players are so confused about what's getting called night-to-night.

Fort Wayne is now 0-4 when he refs a game, but I'm sure he isn't unprofessional enough to have any bias. I HATE jumping on the officials, but this is a bit ridiculous.

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Remember this story?

If you've already read it, skip to the end please.

About the only thing that moves faster than a puck on a hockey rink might be Ethan Shlater.

He's a typical 6-year-old boy with incredible amounts of energy; a nice kid with a good disposition.

He's also a diabetic and has to prick his finger six to eight times a day and get shots four times a day. He's on a strict diet, and his mom and his first-grade teachers at Croninger Elementary make sure he sticks to it.

He has Type 1 juvenile diabetes and will be on insulin the rest of his life.


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Deal is complete

Komets general manager David Franke said the deal for forward Noah Whyte is complete and has approval from the UHL.

``He's listed as a left wing on their roster but he's been playing center,'' Franke said.  ``We wanted another legitimate centerman to come in. We're hoping he can step in and help us out. We wanted a little more versatility at the position.''

Franke said that the Komets would prefer that Kelly Miller or David Carpentier did not have to play at center, and that Whyte will probably end up as the team's 10th forward.

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Noah Whyte

Sorry this is a little late. Tried to take a day off today. Silly me.

Here's what we know so far: The Komets are in the process of acquiring forward Noah Whyte from Port Huron for cash, pending league approval, which they have to have before making any announcement. Whyte, 24, is 6-foot, 185 pounds and has two goals and eight points in 11 games this season with Port Huron after being traded from Quad City earlier. He has six goals and 16 points and 68 PIMs in 41 games total this season. He is not a veteran or a rookie.

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Tonight's game

What do you think it's going to take for these guys to get the message about the penalties? Once again they are playing with five defensemen and once again Flint already has two more power-play chances than they do. What's creeping me out is that it always seems to be the veterans who are getting caught in the third period.

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So what do you think?

What are your feelings about Molly McMaster playing a shift with the Komets on March 12? For it, against it, don't really care? I'll play devil's advocate a little along the way (I know, you're shocked. LOL)

Also, if anyone has any more rules questions, there's been some very interesting stuff in the Han can anybody not like that game? thread. We'll have to have discussions like that more often.

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How can anybody not like that game?

USA-Russia was a wonderful hockey game, one of the best if not the best you'll see all year. THAT's what I was talking about!

A.J. Bozoian's MRI came back negative on his back. He won't play tomorrow at Flint, but they expect him to play on Friday.

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Olympic hockey

I like Olympic hockey, but I love World Cup hockey. Let me explain. During the Olympics, there is almost no time for a team to practice, so guys are learning linemates on the fly, especially with a younger team this time like the Americans.

One of the reasons I love World Cup hockey is that the teams are together for a much longer time practicing before the tournament. The skill level and teamwork is amazing, especially by the time you get to the finals.  I'll never forget Brett Hull's deflection that helped the US win the Cup in 1996.

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Last chance

Anyone who wants to add something to the Colonel Jack post before I send it to him should do so before 3 p.m. on Tuesday.

Kevin St. Pierre's suspension has been lifted and he's back onthe active roster after sitting out Saturday's game. According to UHL Director of Hockey Operations Brad Jones, the sentence  was consistent with something that happened earlier this season in Port Huron when a goalie got a one-game suspension.

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Can't we all just get along?

The Sellars to Danbury thread has been eliminated. There's no reason to get personal in the attacks -- from either side. It's over. Neither side proved their point, so there.

Weird how that one blew up, but I was expecting a lot more comments on veterans and salary cap. I must either be 100 percent right on or 100 percent dead wrong. Which is it? Do you even care that the league has a salary cap? Why should or shouldn't they?

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Sunday's game

If you haven't heard yet, Sunday's game has been postponed because of a problem at Missouri's building. It's going to be played April 12.

That's OK, David. Sorry if I went too far. I just get so tired of all the negativity all the time from lots of different people.

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Friday's game

I'll bet everyone at the game is screaming mad at referee Derek Berkibile. I'll bet they can't wait to rip him on the boards or whatever. Maybe he didn't have a great game, but here's something to consider.

That's 12 games in a row the Komets' opponents have have more power plays than Fort Wayne has, totaling 32 extra chances over those games. That includes an average of 10 power plays over the last four games, when the Komets have mostly been playing with five defensemen and in close games.

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Colonel Jack

Komets assistant equipment manager Jack Prindle has decided to retire from the team. Pindle, 57, said he's tired and it's time to do something different. Among his highlights with the Komets were working the 2004 United Hockey League All-Star Game, winning the Colonial Cup in 2003 and serving as the team's backup goaltender in Knoxville in 2001. He's been with the team since 1993.

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Veterans and salary cap

Everybody wants to know why the UHL regulates having so many rookies. It's because it's a way to cut costs, and that's it. Why do they need to cut costs if there's a salary cap? Very good question!

Sure, the league can package the rookies to say it wants to be a developmental league, but it makes lousy business sense for owners to go along with that. Why should they care about players getting the opportunity to move up, especially if those are likely their best players? What's in it for them, and there always has to be something in it for them.

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Are you starting to believe?

How big was that tonight?

Three things I've noticed of late: 1. They are relatively healthy, meaning they've pretty much had the same lineup; 2. They are starting to come from behind and win some of those games; 3. They are getting offensive production from everyone.

That's besides what has been exceptional special teams play of late. And I think they are playing more physical. Maybe not to the satisfaction of some, but they are getting more involved in the games.

C'mon be honest, how many of you thought they'd win tonight?

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Sellars market

Komets General Manager David Franke said this evening that the Komets have made an offer to defenseman Luke Sellars who has been in Fort Wayne practicing with the team for a couple of weeks.
"We'll know more later this week,'' Franke said. "He's got some interest from some other teams who found out he was here, but I feel real good about our offer. We'll just let him make his mind up.''

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