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Can you just imagine what would have happened had this really come to pass?

The idea of Oprah Winfrey as a U.S. senator may seem far-fetched to many — among them Rod Blagojevich's one-time chief of staff John Harris.

Five with a bullet

While we're waiting for the Supreme Court to finalize arms-bearing as an individual right in that Chicago case, here's something fun: "5 ridiculous gun myths everyone believes (thanks to movies)." No. 1 on the list is, "Bullets explode everything," especially things that are flammable such as car gas tanks. The problem is that:

Lost and found

That confusing "Lost" finale explained, sort of, kind of:


The bleep formerly known as $#*!

Guess we're evolving. Not only are obscenities objectionable, but the symbols we use to show where the obscenties reside are in bad taste:

All thumbs

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Our little runaway

Weren't the 70s supposed to be the "Me Decade"? When did that end, exactly?

Zero out of three

The three reasons Larry King attracts all those hot, young babes. He's famous, so has access to all the best parties. He's rich. And:

The stereotypical woman likes to talk and the stereotypical man doesn't listen. But to most viewers King, perhaps one of the best listeners in the talk-show business, seems to be the opposite of that stereotype.

Another reason to watch cable

We can't just enjoy entertainment on TV anymore. We have to put up with behavior modification, too:

In just one week on NBC, the detectives on "Law and Order" investigated a cash-for-clunkers scam, a nurse on "Mercy" organized a group bike ride, Al Gore made a guest appearance on "30 Rock," and "The Office" turned Dwight Schrute into a cape-wearing superhero obsessed with recycling.

Whopper's bad taste

Well, speaking of being offended.

This just in

This story seems about a year or two too late to be even interesting, let alone important, doesn't it?

INDIANA (Indiana's NewsCenter) - The way people watch movies is rapidly changing, and those changes could be threatening the future of traditional video rental stores. There are more options than ever, and that means more competition.